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Sport Glasses System

The biggest challenge for sports eye wear is the compensation for factors like temperature, light conditions, and speed, which vary depending on the type of sport, season or time of the day. The Wenger Sport Glasses System offers a simple solution to these factors by employing a single frame which enables the user to switch out their sport-specific lenses quickly and easily, so that they can fully concentrate on their goals.

Choosing a Sports Glasses System is easy: simply choose any one of the available lenses below that best suits your sport, then pick a frame color. 

Choose the lens for your sport

Running LensRunning Lens

  • Smaller lens design - more ventilation
  • Ventilation holes in the nose area - no heat accumulation
  • Open lens - heat escapes to the top

Biking Lens

  • Large lens - good wind protection
  • Vents on the outer edges - no turbulence and good ventilation
  • Also available in small lenses

Water LensWater Lens

  • Large panorama lens - all-around protection
  • Polarized, reflection-free vision

Winter LensWinter Lens

  • Double lens with thermal effects - balances out vast temperature changes
  • Large panorama lens - perfect glare protection

Choose your favorite frame color:

Red & Black                              Black & Yellow                        Cristall Black & Green           Cristall Silver & Red

Sport Glasses Frame Black & Red               Sport Glasses Frame Black SoftTouch & Yellow               Sport Glasses Frame Cristall Black & Green              Sport Glasses Frame Cristall Silver & Red

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