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Wenger Returns to its Roots

Wenger has recently re-committed itself to its roots as an active outdoor brand. Reaching back through its storied history of providing multi-functional tools for outdoor adventure, Wenger recently returned back to its original and natural brand position. “The Wenger brand empowers adventurers with multi-functional equipment possessing a unique pedigree. We also seek to reflect the more humble attitudes and the true spirit of active dynamic individuals who appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors through human and natural-powered activities,” stated Peter Hug, CEO of Wenger. While the company’s corporate philosophy hasn’t changed, the brand visually took on a new look. Multi-functionality has continued to be paramount in product development and marketing communication. “We view this new direction as more of an affirmation of our brand positioning rather than a change of position,” said Hug.

Read the press release by clicking here.

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