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Warranty & Repair:
Business Gear

Identify your product.

We are sorry that you are experiencing problems with your Wenger product. Our products are backed by a three-year guarantee from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

Sending information by email is the easiest and quickest way to submit a claim to have your product evaluated for coverage under the warranty. Please follow these simple steps:

Email the following information to

  1. Digital photographs of the product

    a. Front view
    b. Side view
    c. 2 or 3 views of the defect
  2. Product information

    a. SKU # (i.e. WA-7953-02, GA-7305-14, etc.)
    b. PO # (i.e. ONJ1.4537, KNJ1.2486, etc.)

    c. You can find the product information on a fabric label (usually black with white writing) in the following locations:

    a. Computer Cases/Backpacks – sewn into the seam in the computer compartment or other main zippered compartment

    b. Executive Accessories (Folios, Zip-Folios, etc.) - under the notepad
  3. A description of the defect
  4. A scan of your dated sales receipt

    a. You can also send your receipt by mail (address below) or fax (888-882-8127), marked to the attention of Wenger Customer Service – please be sure to include your contact information
  5. Your contact information

    a. Name

    b. Daytime phone number

    c. Email address

    d. Mailing address

Please be sure to include all of the information above so that we can promptly assist you. Upon receipt of items 1 through 5 above, your claim will be reviewed. If it is determined that the damage to your product is the result of a defect in the materials or workmanship, you will be contacted regarding a replacement product. If you prefer, you may send your product to our offices instead of emailing items 1 and 2 above. If so, please include a note containing information requested in items 3 through 5 above to: 

Victorinox Swiss Army Inc.
Attn: Wenger Warranty Claims
2047 Westport Center Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

Unfortunately, replacement parts or components are not readily available to be sent to you. Be assured, however, that if the damage to your product is covered by our warranty, we will ensure that you promptly receive a working product.

We look forward to assisting you!

Customer Service Team

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