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Sport Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I send my Wenger Sport Glasses for warranty repair?
    Wenger Sport Glasses are covered with a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase including breakage and any possible material flaws. Please protect the lenses by storing them in the microfiber bag.

    Wenger Sport Glasses in need of repair should be sent to the following address:

    Wenger N.A.
    15 Corporate Drive
    Orangeburg, NY 10962

  2. How do I decide which Wenger Sport Glasses System is best for me?
    The Wenger Sport Glasses System provides maximum protection for the eyes while ensuring optimum acuity. Here’s how it works:
    a. Choose your favorite frame color.
    b. Choose the lens for your sport.
    c. Select an RX lens if you need it.
    d. Add the included neoprene forehead pad if you prefer.
    e. Select the included nose support that best fits you.

  3. Why are there five different types of lenses?
    The biggest challenge for sports eye wear is the compensation for factors like temperature, light conditions, and speed, which vary depending on the type of sport, season or time of the day. The Wenger Sport Glasses System offers a simple solution to these factors by employing a single frame which enables the user to switch out their sport-specific lenses quickly and easily, so that they can fully concentrate on their goals.

  4. Where can I purchase prescription lens inserts?
    You can purchase our prescription lens inserts from the same retailer from which you purchased your frames and lenses and take them to your optometrist to fill your prescription, or by mail order.

    For your convenience we’ve pre-selected an ophthalmologic lab to process prescriptions. Wenger NA assumes no responsibility relative to transactions with lab. Please use the contact information on this order form and be sure to include a recent (must be less than 12 months) ORIGINAL RX prescription for the lab to process. Your RX must include PD or pupillary distance. Learn More

  5. What materials are the Sport Glasses Frames made from?
    Wenger Sport Glasses Frames are made of a special high-quality composite, TR 90, which is durable, yet extremely light (24gr/.85oz.).

  6. What are the benefits of a Running Lens?
    A Running Lens offers the following benefits:
    • Smaller lens design - more ventilation
    • Ventilation holes in the nose area - no heat accumulation
    • Open lens - heat escapes to the top

  7. What are the benefits of a Biking Lens?
    A Biking Lens offers the following benefits:
    • Large lens - good wind protection
    • Vents on the outer edges - no turbulence and good ventilation

  8. What are the benefits of a Water Lens?
    A Water Lens offers the following benefits:
    • Large panorama lens - all-around protection
    • Polarized, reflection-free vision

  9. What are the benefits of a Winter Lens?
    A Winter Lens offers the following benefits:
    • Double lens with thermal effects - balances out vast temperature changes
    • Large panorama lens - perfect glare protection
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