American Cancer Society Running Team

Ayenza wearing a pair of Wenger Sport Glasses.Wenger is proud to sponsor Ayenza Matthews, who ran a half marathon (13.1 miles/ 21.8 kilometers) to benefit the American Cancer Society, at the ING Miami Marathon.

Once again rocking her Wenger Sport Glasses, Ayenza ran the the half marathon in 2 hours and 48 minutes (losing two toe nails along the way). She honored two very special cancer survivors by writing their name's on her legs: her friend Velia, and her sister-in-law, Jilma. She also wore ribbons on her shirt with the names of others who have struggled with the disease."Many people are affected by cancer, and this disease has touched very close to home for me" said Ayenza, "so I am running and raising money for this cause." (Image: Ayenza's Sport Glasses system includes the Running Lens, which offers a smaller lens design for greater ventilation, and the Cristall Silver & Red frame).

Through Wenger's sponsorship of Ayenza and her American Cancer Society team, along with several other generous donations, the team was able to collect $233,000 for the ACS! The funds collected will help to save 400 lives a day.

Check out Ayenza's images from the ING Miami Marathon.

Ayenza proudly holding her medal after the marathon.Ayenza's road to the ING Miami Marathon was definitely not an easy one. She was born with scoliosis, and had to wear orthopedic shoes and a body brace, which prohibited her from walking correctly. To make matters worse, multiple kidney stones affected her as she was training. To top it off, she ended up in the hospital with bronchitis and asthma just a few days before the race.

For Ayenza, these roadblocks only made her more determined to complete the race: "you can do whatever your heart desires if you want it hard enough."

Congratulations Ayenza!