The Rock Climber's
Ultimate Multitool

Monday, February 20, 2012
By Gear Shed

EvoWood NailClip 580Wenger Evowood Nail Clipper: Swiss Army Knives and Leathermans are handy, but any committed climber will tell you that the tool they're most often pining for at the crag is a nail clipper. Ever tried to jam your feet into climbing shoes having forgotten to cut your toe nails? Crimping, gripping or jamming without a fingernail trim is just as ugly, and can turn a redpoint into a bleeding fingernail hang on the rope at the last hold.

Wenger saves the day with it's new EvoWood Nail Clipper. It has scissors, a knife, a file, a toothpick, and of course, a nail clipper - all in an ergonomically contoured wood-handled Swiss Army Knife-like package. Wenger didn't include a bottle opener in this 2.5 inch long tool - climbers already have a lot of metal they can use for that - and there's no corkscrew - dirtbag climbers don't drink wine out of a bottle. What Wenger forgot: a can opener for digging into that cold can of pork and beans en route to the New or the Red.

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