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Exclusive Features

A video detailing the various features included in each Wenger Genuine Swiss Army Knife.

Choose any implement below to learn more about its Exclusive Features:

Blade Lock

Secure, easy and practical opening when only one hand is free; easy closing even when gloves are being worn.


Serrated Scissors

The patented springless lever design prolongs the life of every pair of self-sharpening serrated scissors. By using a lever instead of an external spring, we've eliminated the need to replace the one part that always seems to wear out or get lost on other knives. Watch video.

Nail Clipper

Made of tempered stainless steel, this retractable precision instrument fits in your pocket but is capable of delivering professional results at home, in a hotel room or even in the great outdoors. It also features an ingenious deployment lever that lifts the tool out of the housing to avoid potential damage to your nails.


The screwdriver locks into the body of the knife when pressure is applied so it will not fold accidentally while working.

Bit Holder

By integrating a bit adapter into the handle, the Wenger Swiss Army Knife can use a Philips head or Flat head screwdriver bit to accomplish thousands of tasks.

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