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Cycle South Expedition Bike

"I honestly believe that you can use a bike to change the world." Eric Larsen

Due to Antarctica's unpredictable and constantly changing terrain, Eric has chosen the Surly Moonlander for his Cycle South Expedition. The Moonlander uses nearly five inch wide low-pressure tires, which provide float and traction over the snow and ice. His decision to ride this particular model came down to the bike's simple modifiable nature: "I can switch the front and rear wheels. If I have any problems with the drive train – free hub, cassette, derailleur, etc., I can swap it with the fixed dingle in the front."

Eric always tries to assess his gear before any expedition in order to determine whether or not it might break. For the Cycle South Expedition, he'll bring "a spare tube, pump parts, chain links, brake cable/housing (I’ll only be using the front brake), and a tire." In order to prepare the Moonlander for for extended periods of cold weather, Eric will remove the grease from the hubs and bottom bracket, and replace it with a light synthetic oil.

Outfitting the Surly with some extra FAT for Cycle South.Image: Outfitting the Surly with some extra FAT for Cycle South.


Custom lightweight panniers.Image: One of the most common Cycle South questions: How will Eric carry all of his gear?
Answer: Granite Gear's Dan Cruikshank designed and sewed custom lightweight panniers.

Eric's Gear for the Cycle South ExpeditionImage: Eric's gear includes an EvoGrip S557 Swiss Army Knife, RangerGrip 90 Swiss Army Knife and a Clava camping lighter).





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