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Durable When it Matters Most
I originally purchased a Swiss Gear Synergy backpack for my laptop because the normal leather attaché style laptop bags (non-Swiss Gear) were not holding up to my demanding lifestyle. This purchase has more than met my expectations. Recently, I was in a car accident. I hit a tractor tire while going 65 mph. My Jeep did a 360 and my laptop went flying around inside. I was not looking forward to seeing what my laptop looked like afterward. To my amazement, my laptop and my external hard drive were both fine all thanks to my Swiss Gear Synergy backpack. Thanks!
Ed LeRoy - Wisconsin

Business Gear

The Perfect Fit
I do a lot of project management & event planner task so I need a mobile office. I tote around a laptop, portable printer, files, ink, paper, note pad etc ... I have gone through a few different rolling bags, mostly low end and not the best quality because I was trying to save a buck. Well I finally invested in the Wenger Patriot case. The size is perfect for my use everything fits great inside but even more than that the case is clearly more durable. I have only had it a short period of time but I am confident it will be money well spent.
John McQuitty - Michigan

Business Gear

Crushed Under the Family Car
In Christmas of 2007 my kids bought me a Swiss Gear lap top roller bag.

As I was getting ready for work one morning, I noticed that my daughter had parked the car backwards the evening before, and locked the doors (neither of which I ever do). Frustrated, I set my bags down on the ground behind the car, then completely forgot about them.

I backed completely out of the driveway off the curb and immediately realized something was wrong. I had run over my brief cases and bags. I stopped, got out of the car, and discovered my roller bag was lodged under my SUV. I tried to pull it out, but it was completely stuck. I had to jack up my car in order to free my bag.

After rescuing the bags, I saw that they were completely torn, but became even more concerned when I realized that both of laptops were in the roller bag. Suddently I was in full panic mode. How was I going to tell my boss that they were run over by my SUV?

To my absolute disbelief, the laptops were fully intact; they came out of my bag absolutely unscathed!

It's a little beat up, and torn apart, but I still use that bag today. I will always be a Swiss Gear customer.

Thank you for making such a durable product.

Toni Watson - Colorado

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