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Climbing and Paragliding in the Eiger Region (August 27, 2012)

Monday, August 27, 2012 21:46

Paragliding over the Mönch NorthfaceThanks to Achim, the weekend of 18/19 August 2012 was probably “THE” weekend of the summer. Hot and magnificent weather, and in particular it was stable without any risk of thunderstorms. Together with Markus Zimmermann I took the train up to the Schilthorn. From the famous Piz Gloria we glided to the other side of the valley, where we landed on an Alp. The distance was approximately 6km. From our landing place we hiked up 1000 meters to the Rotal hut. A magnificent summer evening in the mountains expected us. The ridges and borders of the mountains were so clear in the horizon at sunset. It has been quite a while since I've seen such a brilliant sunset. The night was short. At 3pm Markus and I stood in front of the hut. Our goal was the Jungfrau over the Rotal ridge. Early in the morning we reached the summit of the Jungfrau. At 8pm our paragliders were ready for another flight. We had perfect north-west-wind, ideal conditions to start. My flight lasted 27 minutes. I landed on the glacier underneath the Mönch Northface. Markus flew to another direction towards Wilderwil. So now I was on my way alone. I put my paraglider back into my backpack and I started to climb again.

The Lauperroute at the Mönch was one hour and 55 minutes below me, and I stood on the second summit of the famous „Oberländer Dreigestirns“. The wind was still very gentle. Another time I could enjoy the luxury of a flight. I flew from the Mönch over the “Eigerjöche” to “Eismeer”; a complete change of scenery. In the middle of crevasses I found a place to land. Again I packed my equipment into my backpack. It was already quite warm on this Saturday afternoon and the sun burned on the glacier. I wanted to leave this place as fast as possible. I had to hike back for about half an hour to reach the way to the Mitellegi hut. Once I reached the hut I enjoyed a decent meal: bread and mountain cheese. Simply great after all of the sweet PowerBars. I set off my afternoon tour at the "Mittellegigrat". At exactly 15.13 hours I reached the summit of the Eiger: once more in my life and again a very special moment to me.

Ueli Steck at the summitTo fly means something completely new to me. You need a lot of patience if you want to have good conditions to be able to fly and climb at the same time. I had this idea of flying and climbing for a long time. I am happy that it worked. My summit rest lasted only for a short moment. I descended over the west side until I was at the height of the “Genferpfeiler”. I was happy to still find good wind conditions. My legs started to get tired and the flight down do Stechelberg was definitively less exhausting than walking. At 17.00 hours a long day came to its end.

All the best,

Ueli Steck

Die Route
 Die Route

Panorama of Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau

Markus Zimmermann (right) and Ueli Steck (left)

Ueli Steck Mönch Northface

Ueli Steck Eiger summit

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