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Camping Lighters - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I send my Wenger Camping Lighter for repair?
    Wenger provides a two-year warranty to its Camping Lighters from the date of purchase for any defects in material, workmanship or function occurring under normal use. This warranty does not cover usual wear and tear such as scratches nor consequences of improper use such as dents. Damages generated by the owner or a third party and defects caused by external circumstances are not covered either in this warranty. A defective Camping Lighter will be replaced with the same or comparable model. Purchase price will not be refund.

    For further information on the warranty services in your country please contact:

    Wenger NA
    15 Corporate Drive
    Orangeburg, NY 10962
  2. Are Wenger Camping Lighters refillable?
    Yes, three of the Camping Lighter models (Asterion, Clava, Hydor) employ Piezoelectric® ignition systems which allow for an air mixture into the fuel before ignition. The system produces an ultra hot (2000°F), powerful blue flame that works at high altitudes and in windy and wet conditions.

    The Fidis model is equipped with a classic wick flame and an integrated reserve tank. It’s ready for extended use and loyal service and is perfect for an extended backpacking trip anywhere.

  3. What type of flame do Wenger Camping Lighters employ?
    The Asterion, Clava and Fidis Camping Lighters employ a jet flame, and Hydor Camping Lighters employ a wick flame.

  4. What are the four types of Wenger Camping Lighters?
    • Asterion: a beautifully designed tool and a high performance lighting instrument as well. It’s made of strong impact-resistant polycarbonate with a Piezoelectric ignition system eliminating the need for batteries or flints and refills easily with butane fuel. A simple push of the well-placed trigger simultaneously pops up the top mounted burner and provides a Jet Flame fire source ignition which is perfect for getting a campfire going quickly.
    • Clava: includes an extra large fuel tank, a firm grip rubberized case and a coupling link with a safety carabiner. It also provides a reliable windproof flame design which allows ignition almost anywhere and it has been used at altitudes in excess of 2,500m. The Clava will light from sea level to the peak of mountain. A protective cap and rugged construction makes this a hard use lighter for any expedition.
    • Fidis: includes a spare fuel tank. The lighter is essentially three parts, a conventional flint and wick lighter, a unique backup fuel tank is connected to the body of the lighter, and a spare compartment where the extra flints are located in the bottom cap. It’s so reliable that it carries its own separately sealed spare fluid reservoir for use when the main compartment eventually evaporates or gets used up. The accessories: flint, burning wick and fuel are easily replaced.
    • Hydor: constructed of high strength die cast which makes it ready for any environment. It contains a Piezoelectric ignition, rotary ignition starter, burner flame and zinc alloy finish. The Hydor is a smart lighter that features flame control and is incredibly impact resistant for the most demanding conditions and difficult outdoor challenges.
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