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Two Powerful Swiss Teams: Alinghi & Wenger

Alinghi and Wenger share many common values: a devotion to the development of high tech products, precision, Swiss roots and, in both cases, a strong brand which enjoys international recognition. Wenger is the proud to be an Official Supplier of Alinghi and the incredible multi-hull which was defeated in the 33rd America’s Cup. Alinghi has two extraordinary America’s Cup wins (2003 and 2007) and remains proud of its achievements and what they represent.

SUI1 Alinghi, a Spectacular Achievement

Developed in cooperation with Alinghi, the Wenger SUI1 Alinghi sailor’s knife is the newest innovation in competitive sailing. A close look at it reveals a racy line inspired by a shark’s streamline shape. The blade’s thumb hole - used for one hand opening - is reminiscent of the mighty ocean predator’s dorsal fin. For a firm grip in wet environments, the handle features RangerGrip rubber scales. As always at Wenger, multi-functionality is paramount, beginning with the blade which features serration in the middle section. In an emergency, a crew member can sever ropes with a single cut. The versatile blade, emblazoned with the Alinghi logo, can be opened with one hand, which is especially important in harsh weather when a sailor needs his other hand to hold on. The blade has a safety lock: once opened, it locks into place, avoiding accidental closure. The mechanism can be released by applying pressure to the Swiss cross emblem.

This model also features a shackle opener, marlin spike, graduated ruler, foldable pliers with wire cutter and nut wrench, ¼” flat and cross-head screwdriver bits, built-in bit adapter, locking flat head screwdriver, corkscrew, can opener, key ring, bottle opener and a reamer/awl with sewing eye. Additionally, a durable nylon case with drainage hole and easy on/easy off fastening system is available.

Built for the rigors of the high seas and salty environments, this tool is made of very high grade stainless steel.

The SUI1 Alinghi sailor’s knife by Wenger continues the tradition of the Swiss Army knife by incorporating as many useful functions as possible in the smallest possible space. Each member of Alinghi has been issued his own knife and the general public version of the SUI1 Alinghi, identical to the one used by the Alinghi sailors, is now available in specialty knives and cutlery stores.

Wenger Rescue Knife on board Alinghi
In addition to the Alinghi SUI1, Wenger has also created a fixed blade Alinghi Rescue Knife designed exclusively for each team member which they carried to overcome the potential nightmare scenario of getting caught in the catamaran’s nylon webbing if it had capsized. This knife offers Wenger’s patented EvoGrip handle with a fixed blade at one end and a standard one-hand opening serrated and locking blade at the other. The fixed cutting blade is high carbon and chrome stainless steel coated with titanium which makes the blade very efficient, improves its life span and rust proof. A unique feature of the blade is a synthetic resin coating which protects the blade against accidental cuts. The resin coating is only penetrated once the blade is used by a crew member.

Technical Specification
SUI1 Alinghi Knife by Wenger

  • A main partially, serrated blade for greater effectiveness. The tip features aAlinghi SUI1 Swiss Army Knife standard cutting edge. The blade has a safety lock. Once opened, it locks securely and can be released by pressing on the Swiss Cross. The blade bears the Alinghi logo. Yachting use: in an emergency a sailor can sever rope or line instantly
  • Single-hand opening feature of the blade. In extreme situations, the opening mechanism located at the base of the blade allows the sailor to open the knife with a single hand allowing his other hand to secure him to the boat.
  • Shackle opener. Used to open and tighten shackles (a type of rigging clamp secured with a pin).
  • Marlin spike. Used for splicing (joining two ropes together by interlacing their strands).
  • Ruler. In both centimeters and inches.
  • Universal pliers with pointed end and wire cutter. A jack of all trades. The micro-teeth enable small items to be picked up. The largest tooth pattern is intended for use as a nut wrench. A wire-cutter is included at the base of the pliers. The needle-nose ends can also be used to loosen line.
  • Built-in screwdriver bit adapter. Used to hold 50mm bits to gain additional leverage and power.
  • 50mm screw bits: Phillips (PH3) // Flat (6x45mm) for ¼" hex bit holder.
  • Flat self-locking screwdrivers, Wenger patent. Cap lifter, wire bender.
  • Corkscrew
  • Can opener
  • A reamer with an awl with sewing eye
  • Dual material handles. Plastic and rubber for excellent grip in wet conditions. Concave areas improve grip especially when wet
  • Logo: Swiss cross. Also used to release locked blade
  • Key ring
  • Optional durable nylon case with drainage hole and easy on/easy off fastening system is available.
  • Length open: 220 mm, closed: 120 mm, 21 junctions

Preview of the Alinghi preview of the 33rd America's Cup.

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