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Wenger Snags Elliott Award for Excellent Customer Service

February 25, 2013

With the creation of exceptional products, a foundation must be instituted to provide exceptional service. Dependable, consistent and trustworthy service is difficult to find today. But when a patron's needs are fully met, they become a customer for life. Wenger has always prided itself on extraordinary customer service. That's why we are so pleased to accept the inaugural Elliott Award for excellent customer service.

Christopher ElliottConsumer advocate and customer service expert, Christopher Elliott (pictured), created the Elliot Award to honor companies that go above and beyond the call of duty to help their customers. While Elliott could have chosen numerous instances of Wenger's outstanding customer service throughout the years, he chose Christopher Smith's story.

Pegasus Computer BackpackChristopher bought a Wenger Pegasus backpack in 2009 to assist with his heavy travel schedule. “I needed to make sure my laptop was safe, in addition to external hard drives and various other electronic devices I needed to carry for my job,” he says. “Over the past four years, the bag has been dropped, manhandled by TSA and always handled superbly. Aside from some dirt and some scuff marks, the bag looks brand-new, still.”

But two weeks ago, while trying to sling the bag over his shoulder, a buckle connecting the shoulder strap to the bottom strap snapped. Smith dropped the bag from about three feet to the ground, directly on its back where his laptop was stored. Fortunately, the PC was unharmed, “attesting to the superior protection the bag provides,” he says.

Christopher contacted Wenger's customer service team to inquire how much it would cost to fix the broken buckle.

"A very friendly customer service person listened to my story and told me that she was going to send me a web form to fill out, which would require my original receipt (which I had kept since it was a business expense for me) and some pictures of the bag itself and the broken buckle."

Less than 24 hours later Christopher received both the good news and the bad news: the Pegasus backpack was still under warranty, but the buckle would be difficult to repair.

“Instead, they would be sending me a brand new bag, at their expense, and to dispose of the original bag if I wished,” he says. “Three days later, my brand new Wenger Pegasus bag was sitting on my doorstep.”

"I highly recommend Wenger" he says. "Not only for their phenomenal craftsmanship, but because of their superior customer service."

Thanks to Christopher Elliott for bestowing this wonderful award upon us, and to Christopher Smith for proving once again why Wenger is a cut above the rest.
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