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Camping Lighters

Camping Lighters

Much like a Swiss Army Knife, a quality, reliable source of fire is essential to any outdoor adventure. Whether as a source of heat for cooking or survival or simply just the setting for a night of storytelling, a camping lighter is a “must take”.

Clava Camping LighterAll Camping Lighters are manufactured from high-quality materials and are refillable. Three models (Asterion, Clava, Hydor) employ Piezoelectric® ignition systems which allow for an air mixture into the fuel before ignition. The system produces an ultra hot (2000° F!), powerful blue flame that works at high altitudes and in windy and wet conditions.

The Fidis model is equipped with a classic wick flame and an integrated reserve tank. It’s ready for extended use and loyal service and is perfect for an extended backpacking trip anywhere.

Asterion Camping LighterAll four models are available in black, chrome satin or red and come equipped with a limited lifetime warranty.

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