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Year in Review 2012

Dear Supporters,

As in my 2011 Year in Review, I wrote that the year would soon be over. And so it is the same for 2012. For me, the new season has already begun. I look back on the 2012 season, which included a series of great moments, and bitter disappointments. But first things first. After my successful summit of Mt. Everest on May 18, 2012 without oxygen, I spent the entire Summer running. Running is something that's quite different than climbing. It allows me to go beyond my limits. The worst thing that can happen is that you can give up. But you will not fall or crash, like in climbing.

My zeal in training was so great that I trained a bit too hard, especially concerning running on flat stretches. But I must admit, it was a lot of fun. Eventually, one feels this joy when you realize that you will become faster. The speed fascinates me - I also love to give it my all.

But my feet definitely felt the brunt of this hard work. In July, I experienced a huge setback with my left foot, which became inflamed. It caused me to take a six week running break. I had a stress fracture, and two tendons were torn. I spent this break from running in the gym. My thighs have grown considerably. I still had a lot of pain in my foot in September, so I could not participate in the Jungfrau Marathon. Perhaps the only consolation of the Summer was that I was able to climb Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger in 12 hours.

Finally, the New York City Marathon was canceled at the last minute due to Hurricane Sandy. I flew to New York with a group of runners, but the race was canceled soon after. The cancellation of the marathon was obviously a big disappointment.

Now my focus is completely on the upcoming season. Preparations for the NO2 Expedition in the spring of 2013 are in full swing, and I'm feeling very strong: motivated, with heart and soul.

In order to realize my plans, I need to work more closely and more accurately. At the same time I have to remind myself, that ultimately, not everything depends on me. I run the different weather-related scenarios in my head over and over: What if there is too much snow? What if the weather is too unstable? Training is currently the center of my daily life. I look forward to an intensive preparation time with many beautiful moments. This year there is no lecture tour, so I can concentrate fully on the mountaineering and training.

I am very happy with my third book, 8000 +, Dawn of the Dead Zone (Malik Verlag), which was released in September. Currently over 10,000 books have been sold, and the 2nd edition is in preparation.

Thank you for your support, and trust in me for the past and for the upcoming season. It continually motivates me to continue, and to give my best at all times.


Ueli Steck

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