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Ueli Steck Makes an
Important Decision

"My batteries are not inexhaustible – they can run on low power."

Bernese Oberland, May 9, 2013

Ueli Steck, ©Robert BoschDear friends,

The past few weeks have been a very emotional ride for me, like sitting on a roller coaster. The shock still remains after the events at Everest. How could these events escalate to that level? What was the real reason for the incomprehensible aggression, which we were exposed to? Did we make any mistakes and if so, what were they exactly?

All of these questions have constantly come to us since April 28. Regardless of how we analyze the situation, we still have not found the necessary answers. Of course we know the details of what had happened – and believe me, I don’t wish such an experience on anyone - still the reasoning behind it remains unanswered.

In numerous discussions with friends, experts, climbing specialists and media representatives, we have reconstructed the events. From a retrospective perspective, the incident seems so unreal. We can hardly believe that this has happened to us – and that we managed to escape the nightmare.

After all the scrutinizing, analyzing and reconstructing, one thing remains clear: we will never be able to answer the question of "why" this occurred. We will have to live with the fact that some questions will never be answered to our satisfaction.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank everybody who helped us by listening and discussing what had occurred. I have experienced first hand what it means to have good friends.

At the same time I don’t want to hide how these events have shaken me emotionally, and I still suffer the consequences – especially at night.

Therefore, I am asking you all for your understanding. The time has come to take a personal time out. My batteries are not inexhaustible – they can run on low power. Now I need some quiet time to get my priorities in order, to recharge my energy and to gain some visibility.

I will not answer phone calls or e-mails for the time being. I kindly ask you to respect my decision. A few interviews, which have already been given, will be published in the following days.

In these difficult days, I have great friends and a good team supporting me. Andreas Bantel, my media spokesman, will answer any questions and requests you may have. The numbers of requests in the past days have been enormous, and we are simply not able to respond in a timely manor.

With all uncertainty and questions left open, one thing remains clear for me: my passion for mountains remains unchanged. The quietness of nature, the simplicity and self-responsibility have always fascinated me, and will remain a major part of my life. Whatever happens: I will always stay deeply attached to the mountains. Climbing is and will always be a part of my personality.

Ueli Steck

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