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The Prize of a Lifetime

The Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race takes place in one of the last true wilderness regions on the planet – and we are offering you the chance to travel to Chilean Patagonia and experience its stunning scenery as a race photographer in February 2011.

The race, which was created to help protect Chilean Patagonia, draws teams from around the world to race through deep fjords, twisted forests, glaciers and snowy mountains. It sees competitors kayak, bike and trek non-stop for 10 days with only a map and compass to guide them – and the 2011 route will focus on the amazing region of fjords and mountains around the Southern Continental Icefield.

This competition, promoted through National Geographic Traveller (UK), is open to anyone around the world and will see a selection of the winner’s photos from the trip to Patagonia published in the magazine next year. Please see full Terms and Conditions for details.

The theme of the competition is ‘adventure’ and each submission must include THREE images that the photographer believes best sums up this category. Entries will be judged by leading adventure photographer Michael Clark, race director and founder of Nomadas Outdoor Services Stjepan Pavicic and National Geographic Traveller (UK)’s art editor Chris Hudson.

“Being a photographer for the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race is a wild experience — it is challenging but highly rewarding as it allows you to get to places where few people have gone before,” says Michael Clark. “For this competition, the simple subject of adventure has many connotations and offers a wide scope for innovation around the topic. We are looking for submissions that show the photographer has the ability to capture the sense of adventure in an impressive landscape as this is what they will be doing if they win and get the chance to go to Chilean Patagonia.”

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