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The Acclimatization
Has Come to its End

Yesterday, May 11, 2012, I descended the "Südsattel" together with Tenzing. We spent the night up there at approx. 8000 meters. We had the entire Südsattel to ourselves. Only a small tent and some equipment.

In a couple of days, a small village will be built up there, as soon as the good weather window is announced. We are both well prepared. But for now we have to wait. Until then we must take it easy. Tenzing is 21-years old and from Nepal. He actually wanted to work at Everest by carrying equipment. But then his order to work was cancelled. I have known Tenzing for several years. He decided to attempt to summit Everest without oxygen as well, so we decided to come together. Don Bowie - my actual partner for this expedition - has told me that he was unable to join us.





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