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Swiss Army Knives Debut with Keen Eye on Detail

Functionality at the Forefront of New Models

March 1, 2008 — The EvoGrip line has been expanded to include the EvoGrip 18 Yellow, which features a rubber grip inlay as the EvoGrip 18, but with a high-visibility yellow handle surrounding it, offering an alternative look and many more possible uses for the traditional Swiss Army Knife.  Quality, however, remains at the forefront of the design, as the EvoGrip 18 Yellow has 11 implements, including a 2.5” blade, double-cut wood saw and serrated, self sharpening scissors that combine to offer 15 different functions.

The popular new Ranger Series has been fitted with a highly useful pocket clip on four of the line’s ten models.  The belt clip is affixed to the backside of the handle, while the front side bears the well-known Wenger Swiss Army Cross which, when depressed, disengages the blade’s locking mechanism.  Models updated with the pocket clip are the Ranger 51, 151, 53 and 61.

The third addition to the Wenger family of Swiss Army Knives is the Soft Touch 14.  As part of the Evolution family, the Soft Touch does not have the texturized rubber inlay of the EvoGrip,   but instead features a silky rubberized coating on the entire ergonomic handle.  The Soft Touch is a new model designed to offer superior comfort while packing ten different implements that offer 14 different functions.

“These latest innovations and additions to our current Swiss Army Knives are part of our pledge to produce the highest quality products for our customers,” said Dennis Piretra, Vice President of Marketing, Wenger N.A.  “As we move forward creating new knives, we also continue to look back at our current models to see how we can improve them.  Sometimes you look back and find that small changes will make all the difference, and we’re bringing our Swiss Army Knives to that next level by making those all-important changes.”

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