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Solar Charger Operating Chart

Wenger's line of eco-compatible Solar Chargers are perfect for excursionists and travelers who don't require traditional power sources.

How Does it Work?
The integrated battery begins to store energy immediately after placing the Solar Charger in sunlight. Photovoltaic panels turn sunlight into electricity, which the included hi-capacity battery stores. This makes it usable day or night, in order to recharge your electronic devices.

Solar Charger Operating Chart

Solar Charger Battery Chart
Solar Charger Battery Chart

Every Solar Charger package includes the following items:

  • 1 Solar Charger
  • 2 Elastic cords
  • 1 Battery unit
  • 1 USB wire
  • 5 Phone plugs
  • One-year warranty card
*Charging time tests are made with the Solar Charger positioned perpendicularly to sun rays in full sunlight coverage.

**Devices are charged through the USB port of the battery. The charging time will be similar to charging them through a PC USB port.

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