Eric Larsen and the
Wenger Portable Solar Charger

Wenger Portable Solar Charger: Pro 6.75W in action.In December 2012, Wenger Ambassador Eric Larsen set out on his latest venture, the Cycle South Expedition. After covering 175 miles (one quarter the distance to the South Pole) on his Surly Moonlander Fat Bike, Eric achieved a world record: the longest bicycle journey in Antarctic history. (Image: Wenger Portable Solar Charger: Pro 6.75W in action.)

Throughout the expedition, Eric used his Portable Solar Charger to accumulate and store generated power, in order to recharge his satellite phone, GPS and other vital electronic gear.

Eric's goal was to combine adventure and advocacy, in order to demonstrate the many ways in which people can use a bicycle to protect our environment, as well as improve the quality of our lives. Read More