Weirdest Travel Gear and recently shared an article from Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, which detailed the weirdest gear that travelers bring with them on long trips.

The list included the BeltzBib, a bib that allows you to eat and drive without getting "dribbling drive-through delicacies all over your clothes". And of course the travel bidet that "enables you to wash up down below at hotels and restrooms that haven't yet embraced this European hygiene fixture."

But the one that really caught our eye was the blurb about the Wenger Giant Knife:
A sorta-portable hardware store
Versatility is the big selling point for Swiss Army tools, but this Giant Knife-which weighs two pounds, serves 141 functions, and costs a whopping $1,400-is ridiculous. And it's not only the price that's impractical. Just imagine the trauma of watching it get tossed into the confiscated bin at a TSA checkpoint.

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