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Polar Explorer Eric Larsen

Polar Explorer Eric LarsenWenger is proud to sponsor one of the most innovative and dynamic athletes on the planet, polar explorer, Eric Larsen. In 2009, Eric began the Save the Poles Expedition, a first-ever journey to the South Pole, North Pole and summit of Mt. Everest in a continuous 365-day period. His purpose? To travel to the "front lines" of global warming to document the changes occurring in these last great frozen places.

In December 2012, Larsen began his latest venture, the Cycle South Expedtion, a world-first bicycle journey across the Antarctic continent to the South Pole. Covering nearly 750 miles, the goal of the expedition is to combine adventure and advocacy to demonstrate the many ways in which people can use a bicycle to protect our environment as well as improve the quality of our lives. Read More

Eric in action during the Cycle South Expedition. This video was taken after he turned around on an
area of relatively stable snow.

Cycle South Expedition News

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