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Pheriche: Our Basecamp for the Next Few Weeks

The weather has been a bit pretty stormy of late -- which makes us appreciate our home-away-from-home basecamp de-lux, the Mountain Guide's Lodge in Pheriche. Pheriche will be our starting point for the next weeks. Pheriche is a small village at about 4200 meters above sea level. Here the oven is not heated with wood anymore, but with yakdung. Today the weather is not much better. This is not bad. It keeps us from getting nervous and moving up higher too fast.

Our flight with the Pilatusporter has been inspiring. The conditions in the mountains look good. A little snow, but not too much. But this can change any time. Freddie Wilkinson and I are motivated. We will take our time to get acclimatised to the height as good as possible. Like last year we will go to Lobuche Peak. This is an easy peak of 6000 meters with a nice flat summit, where we can camp nicely. The idea is to install a nice camp at 5500 meters. We would stay there for the next three days and then spend one night for sure on Lobuche Peak. That’s why we spend a rest day today in Pheriche and we enjoy the warm oven and the smell of yakdung.

Follow Ueli's tracking route in Google Earth.

Check out images from Ueli's basecamp in Pheriche below.


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