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Wenger Goes To Work

The nature of work is changing. Advanced technologies and advanced materials are pushing the workforce to be more versatile. Consequently, workers today need footwear designed to answer changing conditions. For over 100 years the Swiss Army knife has symbolized what it means to be multi-functional. Whatever the situation demands, we’ve taken pride in providing tools that can offer more than one solution. And this story continues with Wenger work footwear.

As makers of the genuine Swiss Army knife, we have applied what we do best to the industrial footwear market. In this range you will find solutions built to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. From maintaining traction on varying surfaces, to dynamic heel-to-toe flexibility, to reducing weight without compromising durability, our solutions are a direct extension of the Swiss Army knives known for their versatility throughout the world.
                      Murphy                                        Teck                                         Grip                                        Flint

Murphy     Teck     Grip    Flint

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