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Mike Horn's Pangaea Expedition

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Wenger introduces the Mike Horn knife

Delémont, Switzerland - The only tool Mike Horn uses everyday during his Pangaea Expedition has been introduced to the public. A collaboration between Horn and Wenger, maker of the genuine Swiss Army knife, created the multifunctional Mike Horn Knife; a refinement of an original prototype and the first of its kind to be introduced commercially.

During his expeditions across the world over the last 16 years, this native of South Africa, who has lived in Switzerland since 1994, has pushed the limits of physical and mental boundaries and achieved goals many people considered impossible, some of which include:

  • An 18-month man-powered circumnavigation of the world on the equator
  • A 2,000km/27-month solo circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle without motorized or dog transportation
  • A 6-month solo crossing of the South American continent, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean swimming the entire length of the Amazon

Mike Horn's Pangaea Expedition
In May 2008, Mike Horn set off on a new adventure, without the use of fossil fuel, and will be traveling over the North and South Poles, crossing the seven continents, sailing several oceans, in the largest and most advanced exploration sailboat ever built. Horn’s Pangaea Expedition mission is to increase the awareness of man’s affect on the environment, actively participate in the conservation of our planet’s natural resources and to protect it for future generations (Explore – Learn – Act).

Mike Horn said: “This is a journey we will take together, fueled simply by mutual passion and common goals. And while the challenges we face seem insurmountable I believe we must begin to take real steps towards ensuring that our planet can be respected and appreciated by all future generations”. Wenger has committed to support Mike Horn on his Pangaea expedition from start to finish; a journey that will take approximately three years.

To accomplish his goal, Mike Horn created the “Young Explorers Program”. Groups of up to twelve young people accompany him on parts of his unique expedition. Before leaving, they attend a training camp in Switzerland and go on to play an active part in selected environmental protection projects with Mike Horn as their journey progress. The first group got to know the beauties of the Antarctic with extreme climatic conditions for animals and plants and learned how important it is to take care of this unique region. A second group of 9 young people spent two and a half weeks discovering and experiencing the breathtaking landscape of the fjords in the South of New Zealand. Here they learned to use methods to measure the salt content and quality of the water and once again played an active part on projects involving the flora and fauna. The third group just completed a successful program in Borneo, which included releasing baby turtles and building a reef on Lankayan Island, diving some of the most beautiful reefs in the world, including Sipadan Island, cleaning up a variety of beaches and remote paradise islands.

Other groups of young people are scheduled to accompany Mike Horn to India, Nepal and the Gobi Desert.

The link between the Pangaea Expedition, Mike Horn and Wenger was made in the summer of 2007, during an expedition to the Himalayas, when Horn reached two 8,000m+ peaks without the assistance of oxygen, however, equipped with a new Wenger knife. The one he used in the Himalayas would become the first prototype for this newly introduced model - and a relationship between Mike Horn and Wenger was born.

During an April 2009 stop-over in Mike’s home country of South Africa, and specifically Cape Town, Wenger CEO Peter Hug proudly presented Mike Horn with his new knife. After providing Wenger with multiple suggested improvements and upgrades to the prototype he had been using, Horn was pleased with the results. “I can now say that this is the perfect tool for me and the Expedition. Having used Wenger knives for so many years I am confident that this is a tool I can trust to possibly save my life one day”, stated Mike Horn. Of the relationship and collaboration, Peter Hug said, “We’re very proud to be part of such an important project and honored to be working with Mike and the entire Pangaea team. I think the new knife exceeds his expectations and that’s our goal in everything we do.”

The Mike Horn Knife is a compact and multifunctional tool box. It was specifically developed to help him cope with all the extraordinary and extreme situations encountered during his expeditions. It includes a large range of tools such as a combination metal saw and file, a newly-developed reamer which enables him to punch holes through wood and other dense materials. Thanks to a sharp vertical edge, it can also be used as a scraper to remove ice and other material from Mike’s equipment.

Maybe its most unique feature is one that was specifically requested by this world-class athlete. Mike Horn asked that the knife be fitted with two different blades - a standard blade, and a serrated edge blade with blunt tip – both with easy-opening (even with gloves), single-hand convenience. The blunt tip blade is mainly used in emergencies, hence the need for a rounded tip which would likely be used in close proximity to Mike’s body, avoiding accidental contact with a sharp tip. The foldable needle nose pliers enable him to work precisely while saving energy thanks to the lever arm mechanism. Wenger also added a recessed bit adapter system built into the handle and body of the knife. With a flat head and Philips head screwdriver bit readily available in the newly-engineered nylon case, Mike can get excellent leverage and torque for those hard to handle screws while on board his boat or while repairing equipment in the field.

During the Pangaea Expedition, Mike Horn needs to be able to trust his tools, which must satisfy his specific and unique needs and, as importantly, his environmental concerns. Mike challenged Wenger to develop his new knife with an eco-conscious message. Wenger answered and developed this new tool with a recyclable handle. Partly made of wood from renewable resources, the handle is as solid as it is environmental-friendly.

Technical Specifications

Mike Horn KnifeMike Horn Knife by Wenger

  • A main single hand partially serrated blade for greater effectiveness. The tip features a standard cutting edge. The blade has a blunt point as well as a safety lock. Once opened, it locks securely and can be released by pressing on the Swiss Cross.
  • Single-hand opening straight edge blade. In extreme situations, the opening mechanism located at the base of the blade allows to open the knife with a single hand.
  • Universal pliers with pointed end and wire cutter. A jack of all trades. The micro-teeth enable small items to be picked up. The largest tooth pattern is intended for use as a nut wrench. A wire-cutter is included at the base of the pliers. The needle-nose ends can also be used to loosen line.
  • Metal file / metal cutting saw
  • Can opener / Key ring
  • A new cutting reamer with an awl with sewing eye
  • Built-in screwdriver bit adapter. Used to hold 50mm bits to gain additional leverage and power. 50mm screw bits: Phillips (PH3) // Flat (6x45mm) for ¼" hex bit holder.
  • Handle material: Is recyclable and is produced partly with PEFC (Pan European Forest Certificate) wood that replaces polypropylene, commonly found in durable plastics. As a natural material, wood is a renewable and therefore inexhaustible resource if harvested in correctly managed forests.
  • Official PANGAEA EXPEDITION logo
  • Length: open 220 mm – closed: 120 mm
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