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Day 9. Pheriche - Take Two (September 9, 2010)

Current Position
Position Date: 2010-09-10 03:10:03
Position Latitude: 27.8934
Position Longitude: 86.8197

One of the many stone structures in Pheriche. The long fences are incredible.Not only are we acclimatizing ourselves to the altitude but also a daily schedule of going to bed at nine and waking up at five - well maybe not exactly five. It has definitely been nice to get into more of a rhythm on the trail.

With every day being new and different, I take comfort in a daily routine and schedule. I am still working out some glitches in my own personal systems - like getting my updates written in the evenings versus mornings. But unfortunately, as soon as the sun goes down, my energy level drops precipitously (and with it any small amount of creativity I may posses). Not that I mind too much right now, being well rested will only benefit our energy, strength and health in the weeks to come.

Tshering and I completed a short acclimatization hike up to 16,500' (5,000m). With our first truly blue skies, the panorama was breathtaking. Below, Pheriche sprawled serenely in rectangular lines of rock fencing separating fields.

We are now above treeline and the landscape has become more alpine, similar to the high altitude areas of Colorado. Everything here is rock - houses, fences, walls, benches.... It is incredible to think that each individual rock was dug, picked up, carried and placed solely by hand. These are not efforts of days and weeks but rather months and years.

Higher up on our hike Tsherhering and I marveled at views of Island Peak, Ama Dablam and Manasulu. After a short break Tshering said, OK Eric, now I follow you.' we both laughed.

I have now had three encounters with tourists - all of which I have had some connection. Mark from the UK. A couple from Greenland who knew an old expedition partner and lastly a young couple from Minnesota. I spend most of my days trying to find any points of reference in the millions of Nepalese conversations so these small connections and interactions are especially nice.

September 10th is a special day as it is my mom's birthday. Hope you have a great day, mom, and get to do all your favorite things. I'm sending you birthday wishes from the trail to Everest base camp!

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