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Day 8. Pheriche (September 8, 2010)

Current Position
Position Date: 2010-09-09 02:55:03
Position Latitude: 27.8933
Position Longitude: 86.8196

Ama Dablam in the distance as seen from one of the last bridges before Pheriche.Yesterday, we were desperately trying to get Tshering and Nima on a helicopter to Lukla. With weeks of bad flying conditions, over 150 tourists and locals were waiting on flights stuck in Kathmandu.

So, when I randomly bumped into my friend Mark Wood who was chartering a helicopter, we went into logistics overdrive. After a flurry of calls, the outcome was still uncertain. 'If it works out, no problem,' Tshering counseled. 'If not, no problem, too.'

Turns out that the weather cleared and 17 flights made it into Lukla - including the rest of our small team. No problem.

We started the day in more misty and overcast skies (again). Our spirits lifted considerabley when the clouds cleared and we were able to get our first real views of the surrounding peaks. Incredible.

Tshering, unfazed by the change told me, 'In the Lama book it says that 21 days of rain ended yesterday.'

We climbed slowly for most of the afternoon eventually making it above treeline. The landscape has changed slightly and we are now in the more open Khumbu region. Coming into Pheriche, we were impressed by the number of yaks grazing... Everywhere! Both Ujjuwal and I are in agreement that we like Pheriche best.

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