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Day 7. Tengboche (September 7, 2010)

Current Position
Position Date: 2010-09-08 01:50:03
Position Latitude: 27.841
Position Longitude: 86.773

Fast food restaurant... About the same service time as everywhere else.With a noticeable skip in our step, we left Namche Bazar and headed down the trail toward Tengboche. It felt good to be on the move again and making forward progress.

Today was more of the same weather with light mist and overast skies once again. There were brief periods of clearing where we were able to catch fleeting glimpses of the surrounding peaks. Incredible. We hiked on a trail that cut into the hillside not really gaining, or loosing, much elevation. We met one man along the way with a shovel and pry bar diigging up a section of the trail. When Tshering asked how long this small section of trail had been under contruction, the man replied, 'three years.'

We eventually made our way down (before the climb to Tengboche) to a small community where we had lunch. 'Fast Food,' the sign advertised. While I waited for my veg fried rice I watched two kittens, the first cats I have seen run, climb, wrestle and play with eachother. Their whole world was a playground and I couldn't help but smile. Later, two small boys around two years old began playing and wrestling in much the same manner as the cats - both equally elated at the simple act of play.

'Who learned from whom?' I wondered. I spent much of my afternoon thinkng about the role playing and how it transcends so many different life forms. Leaving our lunch spot, I saw four soldiers engaged in an enthusiastic game of cards around a small table.

Later, I had a random encounter with an old acquaintance of mine, Mark Wood, who was orginally going to join the North Pole leg of Save the Poles. Small world.

Tshering was on the phone for most of the afternoon trying to get Tshering #2 and Nima #2 to Lukla. A few flights made it iin but with 150 tourists waiting also space is limted. We are now crossing our fingers and toes for good weather.

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