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Delemont Evo S557

Delémont Evo S557

The United Woods Limited Edition is complemented by the "Delémont Evo S557" genuine WENGER Swiss Army knife, whose tools are an impressive demonstration of the innovative drive shown by this Jura-based company throughout its long history. This exclusive knife includes a laser engraved blade with the United Woods logo.

  • 13 Tools / 25 Functions
  • Weight: 4.4 ounces
  • Size: 3.25"
  • Origin: Delémont, Switzerland

     Product Specifications

Large blade with safety lock system
Serrated-edge scissors and springless lever
Flat screwdriver with safety lock system, cap lifter, wire bender
Phillips screwdriver with safety lock system
Nail file, nail cleaner, screwdriver for small Phillips head screws
Pliers with shifting opening, wire crimper, inside and outside wire cutters, nut wrench
Universal wrench
Can opener
Key ring

United Woods Limited Edition

                Delémont Evo S557                             Europe Evolution 17                           America Ranger 60
Delémont Evo S557   Europa Evolution 17   American Ranger 60

              Oceania Ranger 55                                  Asia Nail Clip 580                               Africa Evolution 14
Oceania Ranger 55   Asia Nail Clip 580   Africa Evolution 14

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