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Day 42. Back in Camp 2 (October 12, 2010)

Current Position
Position Date: 2010-10-12 12:15:02
Position Latitude: 27.9804
Position Longitude: 86.9027

Through the ice fall... again.And then I was resting in the tent and all the fatigue and fear were forgotten. Of course, that was AFTER six hours of hard work and climbing. I have to be honest and tell you that climbing Mt. Everest isn't easy.

The ice fall had changed dramatically since I had last been through. The lower section was considerably more melted out. The top layer of ice was spikey and cupped and crunched beneath our crampons. At random intervals loud cracks radiated outward from our footfalls. Just as I was starting to think this trip might be easier than the last, we entered a section of the ice fall that had completely collapsed. Two ladders were twisted and mangled from the force of ice.

Maybe this closed all the gaps and crevasses I thought to myself. Nope. We crossed one large crack on a ladder placed at 45 degree angle both ends shoved slightly into the snow. Despite the stress of very imminent danger, I could help but gaze in wonder and awe at the many new ice forms.

We made our way through several recent avalanche areas and finally through Camp 1. The dull roar I had been hearing for the past several hours, I realized, was the wind. Soon we were engulfed by swirling spindrift and the once clear trail was blown over with soft snow. It was the first time I had pulled the hood up on my Sierra Designs Mantra jacket the entire expedition.

Eventually, the wind died as we continued to climb reaching Camp 2 after almost six hours of continuous travel. The boys laughed and relaxed in the sun. I, on the other handsome, crawled in the tent and promptly fell asleep - my worries disappearing with my consciousness.

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