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Day 23. I Love Base Camp (September 23, 2010)

Another mushroom rock. Hopefully, this one will stay with us for the entire expedition.If nothing else, my extra time in base camp is allowing me too catch up on my sleep. So there's that.

I am not getting anxious yet, because there is good weather expected in the next few days, but I am definitely growing tired of my routine in base camp. The operative goal: turn short tasks into long, time-eating ones.

I have started in earnest now to learn at least a smattering of Nepalese. I've long mastered 'camp 1' and 'camp 2' which in Nepali sound exactly like their english counterparts. My biggest success today was a grammatical one learning that Nepali sentence structure is subject, object, verb. Now if I could just figure out what to put in those sentences.

As always on an expedition, I have been thinking a lot about resources - namely electricity. I employ a wide variety of electronic devicex to help bring the Save the Poles story to you - Canon camera, DeLorme GPS, Iridium satellite phone and much more. It is true that I have nearly unlimited power with my Goal0 solar panels and battery packs, but each day's energy is relatively finite. Therefore, it is easy to see the role that energy efficiency plays in conservation of power (and carbon emmissions).

I am still adapting to the stopping and starting (and waiting) of mountaineering expeditions - although sitting in a chair in base camp is really nice Im still trying to figure out which is more appealing the constant stress of polar travel or the punctuated intensity of climbing. Apples and oranges, I guess.

In other news, the 'mushroom' rock (rocked balanced on a column of ice) fell over sometime in the night. Goodbye old friend and may your new orientation and perspective be equally as appealing.

If nothing else, today is a big day as I plan to change my Terramar base layer and put on a new Looptworks Tshirt. Exciting day!

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