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Swiss Watches

Thought you'd like to know how sturdy your watches are. My husband lost his while gardening last fall, and yesterday, 5 months later, he found it while clearing out a flower bed. It had been buried under 2 feet of snow for a couple of months, as well as enduring a number of heavy rainstorms here in NJ. The band is a bit stiff, but it was still running perfectly - he only had to move it an hour ahead because of the time change. We were amazed! Thank you for making such excellent watches.
-April 2010-

Nancy Dopko - New Jersey

Swiss Watches

Highlights of My Life
Let me tell you, you just made my day! I just received my Wenger Swiss watch back from your consumer representative division and it is as good as new. This watch has tremendous sentimental value to me because as I look back at pictures from the highlights of my life over the last 16 years or so, I'm wearing my Wenger Swiss watch in many of them! I got it as a high school graduation present from my parents and wore it all throughout college and law school, wore it the day I got married, and the day my first son was born. Thank you for your attention to detail and your prompt service.
-June 2010-
Herbert P. Moore Jr., Esq. - New Jersey

Swiss Watches

Sunken Treasure
I received a 73113 Wenger Swiss watch from my son for Christmas in 2007. In April 2008 I was docking my boat when the watch band pin came out and my watch dropped into Table Rock lake under my boat dock in about 15 feet of water. I thought my watch was lost forever especially since the lake rose about 15 more feet that year. This year, 2009, the lake level subsided and in May I noticed a bright shiny object in the gravel on the bank in front of my dock. The sun just hit it perfectly to make it reflect brightly. I reached down and picked up the watch that I had lost over a year ago. The incredible thing is that it was still ticking and showed the correct time after more than a year under water. I am truly impressed with this watch after this experience.

Andy Staugaard - Missouri

Swiss Watches

One Clean Watch!
I have owned a Wenger Swiss Military 72091 for over a year and have been very happy with its quality, style, affordability, and performance. Recently, I had to put my watch into my pants pocket while at work due to an inspection. I went home and changed my clothes, all the while forgetting my Wenger Watch was in my pocket. My wife was collecting clothes to be washed and took my pants. Several hours later, she came by and showed me what she found in my pants. Removing clothes from the washer, she felt something in the pocket. She removed my watch and told me what she found. I felt disappointment as I was almost sure the watch was damaged, if not ruined. But my wife told me while the watch was wet, it was still working. Sure enough, she was right! I commend Wenger for making an affordable watch with the durability of a more expensive watch. This experience has made me a loyal Wenger watch owner!

- September 2008 -

Steve Bradford - Maryland

Swiss Watches

What a Blast!
"…I must comment on the quality of my watch. The crystal didn't seem to be very strong as it failed when exposed to a 2,000-pound bomb delivered by a truck driven by a suicidal insurgent. Surprisingly this is the only item damaged on me after the blast except my nerves, which are self-healing. The watch has continued to give me accurate time regardless of the blast shock wave. The hole left in the parking lot was 9 feet deep and 20 feet across where the truck exploded, and I was standing 50 yards from it at the time. As you can see the watch is giving very accurate time and date for Baghdad, Iraq. Why would I want to buy a new watch when I have one that can take a 2,000-pound bomb blast?…"

Robert C., Iraqi Correctional Services - Washington DC

Swiss Watches

Still Tickin' After Two Decades
My Standard Issue Swiss watch turned 21-years old today. Over the years I've only needed to replace the leather band and battery a few times, but the watch continues to keep the precise time.
Dave - Illinois

Swiss Watches

A Musician's Precious Gift
I would like to thank you for making a most durable watch. When my truck flipped onto its driver side during an accident my arm broke the window and was sliding on the pavement. My watch kept my hand off of the pavement. I received fifty stitches on my forearm but my hand was fine thanks to my watch. My watch is in perfect condition! By the way....I am a musician.
Dan Grover - Illinois

Swiss Watches

Drowned and Buried
I left my Wenger Swiss watch at home in 2005 when I evacuated for hurricane Katrina. I had 12 feet of water in my house. When we returned, my wife discovered my watch in some mud on the floor. It had been under water and mud for 2 weeks. It was still running. It only recently stopped running, and I am currently looking for a replacement battery. I also left my Rolex which was not running, and cost me $800 to repair.
Pete Pericone - Louisiana

Swiss Army Knives

Just in Time!
A cat gave birth in my backyard a few days ago to two kittens. The next morning when I checked on them, the mother had still not removed the cord and afterbirth from one of kittens, and the cord was now wrapped around its neck. It didn't seem to be tight enough to harm the kitten, thank goodness. I unwound the cord and used my Wenger Nomad's scissors to cut the cord, and remove it, and the afterbirth from the kitten. So far both kittens seem to be doing fine. Glad I had it in my pocket.
-April 2013-
Christine P - Georgia

Swiss Army Knives

World War II Veteran
My stepfather, John McCall bought this knife in Switzerland in 1944 when he was serving in the US Army at the end of World War II. As you can see it is one of the older models with real wooden handles. He had sent it to Switzerland for repair once before some time in the early 1990s. A couple of years ago he passed away after a long battle with stomach cancer. He left me his knife, and after years of faithful service to him, it is a little wore for wear. I was wondering if you could refurbish it, as it has a lot of sentimental value. I am will to pay for it, if it is beyond what is covered by the standard warranty.

View more images of this Swiss Army Knife.

-May 2011-
Cormac Eubanks - California

Swiss Army Knives

Burned But Not Broken

On July 5, 2002 my son, grandson and a friend were riding ATV’s in the Mountains of Montana. Our destination was a lookout on a mountain at elevation 7000ft. The trip was about 23 miles each way. As we neared the top of the mountain I was driving as lead of the 3 machines. I had not seen the other two for a while so I turned my head to look over my shoulder to see if they were following. In doing so I must have turned the handlebars to the left a bit and suddenly I was on the way down the mountain via a rockslide. I do not remember leaving the road; in fact my next memory is when I woke up in the hospital 3 days later. When I stopped rolling and whatever, the machine was about 85 feet from the road down a very steep embankment. The machine rolled over me, broke my ribs and badly mangled my right arm. When the medics arrived they determined because of the distance to the hospital they would have to activate a helicopter to rescue me. When I arrived at the hospital all the action began and the hospital did a marvelous of putting me back together. In the process my clothes, which were blood soaked, were put in a bag and someone took them back to our cabin and burned them. Now, three years later as someone was cleaning the fire pit out, they found my knife. Needless to say, I am happy to write this letter but I also thought you should know what a good product you produce. Of course the knife is not useable but it will be a good souvenir and I will keep it in a special case where I have other memorabilia!"

Karl S. - Washington

Swiss Army Knives

The Longest Day

The morning started like any other, we checked out our commissions (rigs) and left the station even before the sun was up. Little did I know that this would be a day I would never forget.

While heading north I spotted a 10-46 (motorist needing assistance) in the southbound lane. Flipping at the nearest exit, I pulled in behind them with the emergency lights on. Simple tire change; within ten minutes we were done and on our way.

Coming upon an abandoned vehicle, I pulled in again with my emergency lights on and checked out the truck for missing stereo, busted locks, vandalism, and signs of theft; even the occasional person sleeping. After tagging it I returned to my rig and was getting ready to call in the information when the day took a sudden drastic change. “My wife has stopped breathing.” The man announced as he knocked on my window “She is in the truck behind you.” Calling on the radio for a medical emergency, I went back to his pickup truck where he was checking his wife's pulse (very shallow).

While monitoring her pulse he could feel her breath on his hand, while we waited for the ambulance. Every now and then he would shake her and tell her to stay with him or she wouldn't respond but her eyes would flutter. I don't know how many of you have experienced this (I have been CPR trained for over two decades and this was my first). It was surreal. It was like everything was going 100 miles an hour but I was walking through molasses. Getting the defibrillator out, I placed it in the bed of his truck (just in case). When he asked me to double-check her pulse I couldn't find one; not even a shallow one. ”We need to get her out of the truck!” With that we moved her to the pavement.

While her husband started breathing for her, I started removing the clothing; that is when I realized my Rescue Tool was still in the rig. Reaching down I pulled free my Ranger 61 (w/clip) and cut her clothing away and placed the pads on her. ”Do not touch person”, the defibrillator advised us as it checked for vitals. "Do not shock, begin C.P.R”.  That was good news, for it detected a faint pulse. Her husband gave breaths while I did compressions; all the time I watched for the ambulance. FINALLY they arrived and took over for us.

I don’t know how long I watched them. Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours. I remember though as they were getting her ready for transport I noticed the monitor and there was a rhythm. By this time we had all lanes of traffic stopped. After the fire engine and ambulance left, a police officer held the lane for me so I could pull my rig out. "No thanks, I just want to stay awhile.” As fast as it started, it was over.

The reason I stayed was simple. I felt like crying, throwing up and melting down, all at the same time. Before her husband left, he told me that about a mile back she stopped breathing and he didn't know what to do. It was a strange highway to them, it was still dark out (early morning), traffic was speeding by, and then he saw my emergency lights ahead. "I don't know if you believe in God? he started to say before I stopped him with a shaking voice "Oh, yes I do." One of the many things I found strange was, I remember looking down while doing compressions and there was my knife with the blade closed, I don’t remember closing it. Grabbing the knife, opening it, using it, and closing it was all one motion.

There is an old saying, “If you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail.” Inside my rig between the front seats is a Rescue Hammer with belt cutter in the handle.  On my visor is a belt cutter, on the headlight knob hangs a small case with a Rescue Tool, CPR mask and gloves.  With all this proper equipment, what was handy when I needed it? A Wenger Ranger 61, a knife that I couldn’t stand when I first got it.

I know now I have found my permanent EDC, which stands for Everyday Carry, or the knife I carry everyday.


-October 2008-

Swiss Man - Indiana

Swiss Army Knives

I have owned a Commander in black for over 20 years and just recently the scissor broke. I am having a hard time trying to replace it. It has become a part of me. I have recently looked at your site, and even with all of the choices you have, I think I will keep this one for another 20 years. Your knives are the best.
John VanderBok - New Jersey

Swiss Army Knives

There When You Need it Most
I have owned and used your Traditional Swiss Army Knife for years and love them. Last week your knife saved a once in a life time trip for me. While elk hunting four miles deep in the very rough terrain of the Flat Tops Wilderness Area of Western Colorado, I was sussessful in harvesting a beautiful 5x5 Bull elk. After a couple of pictures, I set about the job of field dressing the animal. Unfortunately, some time during the pursuit, my regular hunting knife was lost from my belt sheath. Without field dressing and cooling the animal, the meat would surely spoil. Certainly the time that a four mile hike out of the wilderness area and back in the next day with a replacement knife would take would lead to the loss of the animail and the delicious meat. While considering my options, I found that out of habit, I had placed one of your 4-blade Traditional knives in my pants pocket. Although skeptical, I tried your knife. I found that your knife was not only tough enough but held a sharp blade long enough to completely field dress the 700 pound animal. Your knife was amazing. It allowed me to open up and cool down the bull elk and save the meat from spoilage. Your knife saved my Once in a life time hunt. I will always carry a Swiss Army knife where ever I go.
Daniel Lodge - Minnesota

Business Gear

Got My Back!
I have always been a get-up-and-go person. I love going fast and getting things done. I own a small computer company in the town in which I live. One of my many jobs is to repair computers and computer networks. Because of the price of gas I decided to get a motorcycle. After about a month, I was coming upon a right hand turn and was leaning into the corner when I found myself being pushed me off the road by a tremendous gust of wind. Before I knew it I was inching off the road, lost control of the bike and flipped it sideways. I was going pretty fast when I lost control, and I was sent sliding on the road for about 400ft., leaving my bike in a line of pieces. I was wearing tennis shoes, jeans, t-shirt, and my SwissGear Pegasus backpack with all my tools and computer in it. I got road rash on my knees, arms and shoulders. My foot got the worst, my shoe lace got caught on the bike as I was launched off, tightening my shoe then painfully pulling it off. I would have had much more road rash then I did if it where not for the backpack. I rode it for a good portion of the distance and my backside was perfect because of it. The backpack had little damage, and my tools and laptop had no damage. I will forever be grateful that I purchased such a well built backpack from SwissGear/Wenger. Thanks!
Douglas Bradshaw - Missouri

Business Gear

Durable When it Matters Most
I originally purchased a Swiss Gear Synergy backpack for my laptop because the normal leather attaché style laptop bags (non-Swiss Gear) were not holding up to my demanding lifestyle. This purchase has more than met my expectations. Recently, I was in a car accident. I hit a tractor tire while going 65 mph. My Jeep did a 360 and my laptop went flying around inside. I was not looking forward to seeing what my laptop looked like afterward. To my amazement, my laptop and my external hard drive were both fine all thanks to my Swiss Gear Synergy backpack. Thanks!
Ed LeRoy - Wisconsin

Business Gear

The Perfect Fit
I do a lot of project management & event planner task so I need a mobile office. I tote around a laptop, portable printer, files, ink, paper, note pad etc ... I have gone through a few different rolling bags, mostly low end and not the best quality because I was trying to save a buck. Well I finally invested in the Wenger Patriot case. The size is perfect for my use everything fits great inside but even more than that the case is clearly more durable. I have only had it a short period of time but I am confident it will be money well spent.
John McQuitty - Michigan

Business Gear

Crushed Under the Family Car
In Christmas of 2007 my kids bought me a Swiss Gear lap top roller bag.

As I was getting ready for work one morning, I noticed that my daughter had parked the car backwards the evening before, and locked the doors (neither of which I ever do). Frustrated, I set my bags down on the ground behind the car, then completely forgot about them.

I backed completely out of the driveway off the curb and immediately realized something was wrong. I had run over my brief cases and bags. I stopped, got out of the car, and discovered my roller bag was lodged under my SUV. I tried to pull it out, but it was completely stuck. I had to jack up my car in order to free my bag.

After rescuing the bags, I saw that they were completely torn, but became even more concerned when I realized that both of laptops were in the roller bag. Suddently I was in full panic mode. How was I going to tell my boss that they were run over by my SUV?

To my absolute disbelief, the laptops were fully intact; they came out of my bag absolutely unscathed!

It's a little beat up, and torn apart, but I still use that bag today. I will always be a Swiss Gear customer.

Thank you for making such a durable product.

Toni Watson - Colorado

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