Your Summer Bucket List

No one wants me to say this, but it is true—summer is going to end.  The good news is:  it isn’t over yet.  You can still wear sandals without people judging you, and the sun is still hot.  You want to make the most of this time, right?  Of course you do.  Get out of your temperature-regulated surroundings and have some summer fun while you still can.  Here’s a bucket list to get you started:

Get in the white water
Canoeing, rafting, lazy river tubing…would I be wrong to say that these activities are definitely not as fun in the winter when you have to break through ice to keep moving?  Maybe that’s just me.

Summit something
Ice climbing is awesome.  Ice climbing is also cold.  Remember that because of the lowered air pressure at higher altitudes, the higher you go up, the lower temperature goes.  Summer is a great time to go for those big climbs because it can be surprisingly cool on the summit regardless of how hot it is down at the base.

Stop at a farm stand
What better time to get local produce than when the locals are actually producing?  Support your local growers and enjoy the lovely (HEALTHY!) fresh produce grown close to you.

Try something new
I’m personally always for trying something new, but summer is an especially good time to because many more activities are accessible, and somehow with the relaxing warm weather and sunshine, it is easier to meet new people.  Maybe you want to go parasailing, or try stand up paddle boarding…whatever sounds new and cool.

Sleep outside
I know a lot of people who are super into cold weather camping, but for those of us who tend to have poor circulation (or just generally enjoy being warm while they’re trying to sleep) summer is the perfect time.  You won’t shiver yourself to death trying to sing songs out by the campfire, and you won’t have to dig your tent out of the snow in the morning (shudder).

Go cliff jumping
Disclaimer: BE CAREFUL.  THIS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS.  But it can also be incredibly fun.  I wouldn’t just jump off of any old cliff; make sure you go with people who know the area.  But cliff jumping can be one of the most exhilarating, life defining experiences a person can have.  I don’t know, maybe it’s the feeling of the wind rushing past you as you plummet to your certain splash… or maybe it’s just the fact that you’re doing something as badass as jumping off a cliff.

Climb a tree
Seriously, when was the last time you did this?  You’re welcome for reminding you how awesome it is.  It is about TIME you found a sturdy tree and gave it a good climb.  If you have a super big tree, you could even bring a book up there for some sweet summer privacy.  Or better yet, prank passerby’s by dropping things on them.

Drink a star-lit bottle
It can be romantic, or it can just be freaking fun.  Grab a bottle of something you like to drink (wine or absinthe or whatever you’re into) on a clear night and enjoy the stars.

Get caught in the rain
Getting caught in the rain in the fall or the winter when you’re trying your hardest to stay warm and dry can be the worst.  But in the summer when it’s warm and you’re feeling a little crazy, it can be the best.  Next time a warm rain starts pounding outside, go for a little frolick.  You’ll be glad you did.

Get your tourist on
When was the last time you went some place new?  A little road trip?  Summer is great for tourism because people are actually out, towns are having festivals and celebrations, and you don’t have to bundle up every time you go outside.

Get into outdoor photography
Release your inner artist and take some pretty pictures.  This is pretty self explanatory, but you have a camera for something, right?  Go find a stream or a field of wildflowers and go nuts!

Flirt with that hot outdoorsy guy/chick
Man, it sure is hot out.  Good thing, too…because where there is more heat, there is less clothing (hopefully).  That super hot (insert person/activity here) sure is looking incredible over there, huh?  Get over your insecurities and just talk to them!  You never know, summer flings can be fun.

Get muddy
Maybe you’re into one of those quirky adventure races like Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash.  Or perhaps you like dirt bikes or off-roading.  Or, maybe you just like mud (maybe I am the only one here).  This summer, make a pact to yourself to get dirty.  REALLY dirty.  At least once.

Cook outside
Grill, build a campfire, anything.  Grab some friends and head out for some fresh air and tasty fare (see what I did there?)  You don’t have to get all fancy, but it can be really fun.

Take your wheels for a spin
Save some gas and use your bike as often as you can.  It’ll put some cash back in your pocket for your other bucket list adventures, and it will make your legs and butt look awesome (refer back to bucket list item #12).