Yoga on the Go: Everything You Need to Bring your Practice on the Road

Have a work trip or a vacation coming up and don’t want to miss out on your yoga practice? While you may not have the schedule or travel budget to fit in a class or two from a local studio, with these tools you can easily flow in your hotel room (or at your campsite, the beach, or wherever you see fit):

If you’re practicing in a hotel room, you may find you need to move furniture around a little to make sure you have enough space, so be prepared to do that and ask for help in the lobby if necessary. If you plan to practice outdoors, make a plan before you go wandering for a spot. You don’t want to head down to the beach only to find out it’s high tide and there isn’t enough beach left.

Lightweight mat or towel
Some brands make extra-light mats made for easy traveling—and if you feel like you need to practice with a mat, then be sure to pack one. But otherwise, don’t sweat the mat. A towel can help with stability for practicing on uneven surfaces and for providing a light barrier between you and the ground if you’re practicing outside, for instance. But if you’re in your hotel room, there’s really no need–but a towel can definitely come in handy for a little extra cushion in spinal rolls or knee lunges if you’re on the bonier side.

Yoga clothes
Don’t forget to pack some clothes you feel comfortable doing yoga in. And just a tip: unless you have somewhere to be directly after your flight, yoga pants make for awesomely comfortable plane rides.

A flow
This is the big one: a flow to move through! Maybe you just want to go through some sun salutations, maybe you want to follow a video, or maybe you just need a few tips on where to start and then you can improvise—whatever your situation, it’s best to prep by bringing whatever you need, be it a DVD or some notes. Also helpful: smartphone apps. Pocket Yoga is a great—and inexpensive—app-as-teacher available for both iPhone and Android. But there are plenty more out there, so be sure to find the one that best suits you and your practice.

Remember to be reasonable
You can’t expect to have the same amount of energy or time for your practice as you might at home. If you do, that’s great. But if not, don’t beat yourself up about it. Yoga is supposed to help you de-stress, not add to your travel stress. Have fun with it and remember to breathe.

By Sarah Esterman