Winter Wear: the Right Stuff to Stay Warm this Winter

The nights are getting longer and the sunshine less effective; that’s right, the Winter is coming. But fear not, sometimes the best part of Winter weather is the ability to combat it, the know-how to prevail in it, and the comfort in doing so. With the right outfit and layers, you can stay comfortable in the cold and ready for anything old man Winter throws your way. So here for you today is a a suggestion to what a great Winter setup might look like:

If you are going to be tromping around in some wet, snowy, and icy Winter conditions; then you’ll want to get some boots with good traction, water-proofing, and preferably a little insulation to keep your toes cozy. I would recommend something from Merrel’s boot selection like the Thermo 6 for men or the Snowbound for women.

Wool Socks:
Remember the days when receiving socks on the holidays was a big let down? Now if you unwrap a pair of SmartWool’s PHD BackCountry socks, prepare to be amazed. Not only will this socks keep you warm and dry, but with smart seam technology, they feel functional and assist any every Winter activity.

Long Underwear:
If you are going to be standing around in some cold weather, don’t let that wind ripping around your legs get you down. Invest in a pair of long underwear and stay warm all day. If you can spend the dime, going for a pair of wool leggings will suit you best. Products like IceBreaker’s Merino Anatomica Leggings for men and Sprite Leggings for women will keep you warm and wick away in moisture to keep you feeling fresh.

Well of course you need to wear pants, you animal. But more specifically, insulated and water-resistant pants will treat you best. Their are a variety of products to choose from, but I would recommend the sturdy yet stylish selection from Marmot, including the Ridgewood Insulated Pants for men, or the Kylie Insulated Pants for women.

Base Layer:
Whatever company you choose, just remember, avoid cotton base layers. For those of you that don’t know, base layers refer to the first clothing item touching the skin. And that first item should be a material like wool or recycled polyester similar to Patagonia’s Capilene 2 for Men and Women. These materials will effectively wick away your sweat, instead of collecting it like cotton does, and let you not worry about turning into a Popsicle overnight or stinking up the campsite.

An important aspect of Winter wear is to be able to shed and adorn layers quickly and at your convenience. So for a good fleece, I would go with one that packs in the heat and has a full zipper for maximum versatility. Something like The North Face’s Grizzly Jacket for Men and Women would be nice to zip up on the the chairlift ride, and let the jacket flail as you’re riding down the slopes.

Winter Coat:
A lot of avenues to go down here. The number one thing you should be looking for if you’re hanging out in the cold is that the jacket is warm. In a perfect world though, everyone could wear something like Arc’teryx Fission SV Jacket for Men and Women. Not only is the jacket warm, it’s got a functional fit, it’s completely waterproof, and has enough retail jacket technology to make your head spin.

What’s maybe the worst thing in the world? Digging through your winter clothes collection and only finding one right-handed glove. Invest in a nice pair of winter gloves akin to Mountain Hardware’s Snowzilla Glove and not only will your fingers stay toasty warm, but you’ll never let them out of your sight long enough to leave a brother behind. 

It’s said that most of your heat escapes from you head. True or not, there’s no doubt that the difference between wearing a winter hat and not is noticeable, especially amongst the snowbanks and snowmen. Do yourself a favor while your at it, make sure to get something like Outdoor Research’s Peruvian Hat, one that covers the ears and let’s you avoid looking embarrassed with red ears every time you step out.

Want to know the best way to never get out of bed again? The Pacific Coast Furniture Company knows the answer. Their Cozy Warm Down Blanket and Comforter will turn your bedroom into a winter retreat. Get lost at the end of the day in this mammoth fluffy mess and sleep easy knowing that you’ll stay warm.