Winter Climbing: How to Rock-On During the Cold Months

The obvious answer here would be to join a rock-climbing gym and, though they’re magical places indeed, we wanna focus more on getting you outside and on some real rock. That being said, here are 3 simple ways to get out of doors during the cold months, if you dare.

Travel to Year-Round Climbing Spots
If you do your homework, it might be possible for you to find warmer climbing destinations a few hours from your neck-of-the woods depending on your location. Make it a fun weekend adventure and invite friends. If you’re out west, try Joshua Tree National Park in South Eastern California. This popular climbing destination stays relatively warn year-round. If you’re really adventurous and have a little extra cash to throw around, plan an epic climbing trip to New Zealand or Thailand. During the winter months in the states, these areas are still warm and ripe for the climbing.

South-Facing Routes Rock
If you’re not down for long road trips or flying to get to your routes, try to find some solid, south-facing climbs that will stay warm and won’t freeze over as easily during the winter months. Granted, you may have to wear some insulating layers, but at least you’ll be out doing what you love. 

Scout-Out Drive-Up Routes
When it’s cold outside, a long approach can really wear you out and chill you to the bone. In that case, scout-out routes that have very short approaches (under 10 minutes) that way you can jump right out of your toasty car, climb, and then hop back in the car to warm up if needs be. Nifty Trick: Keep some cheap handwarmers on-hand (pun-intended) to warm you up for those painful crimpers.

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