Easter Around the World

If you think that hunting for Easter eggs and sitting down to a dinner of ham is the best way to spend your holiday, you’re wrong. There are dozens of ways that cultures celebrate this time of bunnies and commercialism that tosses the U.S. of A. out of the ring. Here’s a list of the six coolest ways to spend your Easter holiday.

Haux, France
What’s better than having a good home-cooked meal from mum? Eating an omelet that can feed up to 1,000 people. In this southwestern city, Easter isn’t just celebrated with families; it’s a community wide event. French may be the language of love, but they’re also the country of humongous omelets.

In Poland, young men would sprinkle water on unmarried women to induce romance with them on Easter. And, well, ever had a water gun fight with your friends? It’s fun, but imagine what would happen if an entire culture dedicated a day to citywide water fights? Decades later, the innocent tradition has turned into a full-fledged water war.

Corfu, Greece
Have you ever wanted to “throw it on the ground”? In the Grecian Island of Corfu, residents throw clay pots and other earthenware out of their windows on Easter morning to celebrate. Some say this is for the coming of spring, and the new plants that will grow in the new pots. Sounds like effective spring-cleaning to me.

“Ew, bunnies!” Says no one ever. Unless you happen to hail from the land of Kangaroos and barbies. Down Under they view bunnies as pests that ruin gardens. So instead of unwrapping a chocolate bunny that is excited to be your snack, they eat the Easter Bilby, which happens to be an endangered little rodent on the island.

While nice American families are talking about nice Easter things, folks in Norway are diving into the latest påskekrim, or rather, Easter Crime. Crime writers come out with special novels this time of the year due to a publicity stunt that one crime novelist did years ago. The author had advertised the novel on the front page of a newspaper, and people took it as news – just like War of the Worlds. So if you’re itching for a new crime novel on Easter Sunday, hit up a Norwegian book publisher.

Ah, the sight of witches this Easter makes my heart smile. “Wait, witches?” Yup! It is believed that witches would fly their broomsticks to the bell towers of churches on the eve of Easter. Present day, kids will have a Halloween of sorts and dress up as hags and witches, proffering Easter cards in the hope of candy in return. Well, at least they aren’t just demanding freebies.

By James Kennedy