Where to Work: Five Studies of the Best Cities

Thinking about relocating but not sure where to go? Well thankfully, thousands of other people have asked this same question and extensive research has been done to find some answers. Here are 5 studies from across the U.S. to help get you started in that next big direction:

Forbe’s “Best Cities for the Outdoors”
Spoiler alert: #1 is San Francisco. Forbe’s analyzed the percentage of sunny days, rainy days, average snowfall, and total number of parks to put together this top 20 list of great cities to live in. Now the tricky part is finding a stable job…

Outside Magazine’s “Best Places to Work”
This comprehensive list gives you 100 different companies that are doing something cool, treat their employees right, and have some sort of basic outdoor initiative involved with them. From adventure guide to computer analyst, scour this list to find the job for you.

CBS Money Watch’s “10 Happiest (and Saddest) Cities in the U.S.”
Of course happiness is all relative, but CBS conducted research based on surveys pertaining to physical health status, amount of healthy habits (i.e. exercise), and work opportunities to put together a list of the “happiest” cities in the U.S. Feeling down in the dumps lately? Have you considered moving at all?

Business Insider’s “50 Smartest Cities”
Granted, a lot of the cities on this list host a large university or college, but you don’t have to be going to school to live in a smart city. Also, not surprisingly, the cities on this list also share similar environmental, recreational, and an all around joy for living. Hey, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Mother Nature Network’s “15 U.S. Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts”
Leave it to a website dedicated to the environment to put together a well thought out list for outdoor enthusiastic cities. A good direction for your job search could be picking a couple of the cities that stand out the most and start researching those specifically. You never know, you could be putting this list to the test someday soon.