Wheelie For Water: How the Bicycle Wheelie World Record Holder Gets Water for People In Africa

Chris Barnett is rockin’ a charity called Wheelie for Water. It’s a campaign at Charity: Water. This is the real deal guys. I see so many charities talking about getting food to starving children but what about water. Water is the essence of life. You can’t live without it. Charity Water says that every $20 donation provides a person with clean drinking water through water projects. Chris is setting world records to get water to as many people as he can.

He rides his bike in a wheelie every time he’s on his bike. Most residents of Boulder, Colorado see him riding around town while they commute to and from work. This guy is on one wheel ALL THE TIME. I had seen him pass me on his bike several times over a few weeks before I finally had the opportunity to speak with him (I was riding next to him on my bike the whole conversation).

I asked him, “What is Wheelie For Water?” Focusing on his wheelie, he said, “I get a lot of people who ask me that,” before he explained that he was currently taking donations for a water well drilling project. Then he continued, “One time, I actually had a guy reach out his car window and hand me some water. I guess a lot of people really don’t understand what I’m doing. That guy just thought that I was a thirsty biker who needed some water.” We laughed together about that one for a second (Chris never lost his wheelie balance for an instant), then proceeded with some more questions. I asked, “What are some tips for learning how to wheelie?” First thing out of his mouth was immediately, “become comfortable with your rear brake. Learn to trust it” I told him that he should teach a wheelie class. Chris agreed. Without me asking anything, he then continues the conversation, “I got the world record for the longest wheelie. I rode 13 miles and kept the wheelie for an hour. Some guy beat me recently. I contacted him to see if he wanted to be a part of Wheelie For Water, but he never got back to me. I’m going to try again, so I can beat him.”  I think these two guys are going to be going at it back and forth to hold onto that record title. In the mean time, you should help Chris’ charity out and donate. Like he told me, “if you enjoy the show, please support the flow.”