What Your Shoes Say About You

I hate to stereotype people by what shoes they choose to slip on when they get out of the bed in the morning. But if you make a decision to wear a particular type of shoe, it may not be saying necessary something directly about your personality, but it is saying something about what you will be doing with your day. And isn’t what you do with your day a big part of your personality? So with no more delay, here is what shoes you are wearing says about you:

Chaco’s:  The all around adventure sandal. If you see someone walking around with these strapped sandals it is a fair guess that this person would describe themselves as “outdoorsy.” If they have the straps strapped tight they are ready for an instantaneous day-hike, or perhaps they know the secret route to the local waterfall, and they most likely can throw a mean sidearm Frisbee. Your average Chaco wearer has put in some miles in these sandals, and have the tan lines to prove it.



Sanuk’s: If you wear a pair of Sanuk sandals you may not necessarily be a surf-bum, but you share some of the same ideals. Stoked for adventure, comfortable on your feet, and perhaps due to the limited running and dashing capabilities of your shoes, a laid back attitude. Comfortable like flip-flops and versatile like loafers, the Sanuk adorner knows the difference between looking good and feeling relaxed.



Hiking Boots: Whether it is Asolo’s, Vasque’s, or La Sportiva’s; if you’re waking up and putting hiking boots on, you are probably doing something muddy, wet, and adventurous. Water-proof, calf-protecting, and long enough laces to floss your teeth, you are prepared for some serious conditions. Hiking up a mountain carrying a pack, bushwhacking through a briar patch, or shoveling the snowy driveway; hiking boots will leave you dry, warm, and looking like a mountain man or mountain madam.



Keen’s:  These sandals take it up another level. Whoever is wearing these closed-toed sandals doesn’t enjoy stubbing their toes, may work in an environment where closed toed shoes are necessary, or feel the claustrophobic effect on their feet with regular sneakers. This person may be a canoe instructor, casual business person, or weekend warrior. Keen’s knows no boundaries to their wide-arching audience.



Vibram Five Fingers: Forget your ordinary footwear. The owner of these five-finger delights has probably (or should) read Born To Run. This person also relishes the days of youth where running around barefoot was expected and understood as the correct thing to do. This person is light on their feet and their arches probably spring like, well like springs. Catch this person on a short hike or long run, just don’t step on their toes.



Flip-Flops: Whether you are wearing Olukai, Reef’s, or Billabong flip-flops, one thing is for sure; you probably are not thinking about running anywhere. But why should you, what’s the hurry? If you are wearing flip-flops you probably are looking for comfort as you fix up your bike, wax your board, or add more logs to the campfire. If you are wearing flip-flops you are telling the world I am ready to be barefoot fast, but in the meantime I’ll be standing comfortably right here.


Everyday is filled with small decisions. So the next time you look down at your shoe closet, remember to think about how you want your day to be defined, and in so, how you want to be defined within your day.