What Your Outdoor Instrument Says About You

Although slightly cumbersome, musical instruments can be a great source of entertainment on a camping trip. Plus, a campfire sing-along can also be a
great way to meet strangers along the trail. But how can you be sure of which stranger(s) you should go out of your way to befriend? Turns out you can judge a book by its cover and make snap judgments based on their choice of musical instrument.

We all know the cliché about the “guitar guy” at the party. He’s just using the instrument so he can appear sensitive in order to pick up women. But have you ever considered that maybe Guitar Guy has been judged unfairly, that you’ve misunderstood his motives, and that maybe he is just an innocent lover of music? Well, if you haven’t considered that yet, then good. Don’t consider it. Guitar Guy is only here to seduce women. This is even more true when it comes to Campsite Guitar Guy, because guitars take up a ton of space, so Campsite Guitar Guy definitely had to make some sacrifices to bring his instrument of choice along. Actually, he probably had to ditch his sleeping back to make room for his guitar, so his not-getting-frostbite is contingent upon his success with ladies.

As for Guitar Girl, well, she’s probably just trying to do the same thing as Guitar Guy. And damn it, it usually works.

This guy’s been around these trails for a while. Drenched in the scent of moonshine, this rustic mountain man will approach your camp site, spark up his corncob pipe, and begin to tell you tales of his worldwide travels of a different time. After he unbuckles the belt around his external frame backpack, he’ll pull out his rusted harmonica and play some blues. Yes, he’s had ups and downs, he’ll say, but he’s always had music. He’s a true rambler, one with nature, and he’s got a story to tell for each grey hair of his beard.

Either that, or he’s a baby-boomer suburban dad who would like to convince himself of that for the weekend.

Hand drums
This kind-hearted hippie is the type of person you want to run into on the trail. With enough small, simple hand drums, this person (or people) can start an all-inclusive party where everyone’s got an instrument to play. This altruistic individual has no other goal in mind besides having a good time out in the woods. The only question is how far you are willing to take this drum party. Will you randomly pat out some simple beats for a few minutes and call it a night? Or will you let your tribal instincts take over, and take off your clothes and dance around the fire, howling at the moon? Yes, the choice of hand drums says more about [i]you[/i] than the one who brought the drums.

Possibly has a mystical, wizard-like connection to nature. Proceed with caution.