Welcome to Wenger

Every so often, people stumble on hidden gems. Sometimes it’s breathtaking scenery or perhaps  it’s witnessing a rare natural event. For some, it’s finding an item of significant value while for others, it’s collecting another man’s junk.

Whatever your idea of a hidden gem is – we hope that by stumbling upon The Wenger Blog, you have found one.

You have found a team of like-minded journalists who care deeply about the environment, the people of the world, and bettering ourselves as human beings.  Some of us are mountaineers, others are environmental advocates.  We even have a Park Ranger.  All of us are wordsmiths; sharing our work through carefully crafted articles.

We’re glad you stumbled upon us and we hope we can find hidden gems for you.  In the meantime, let us introduce ourselves.

Managing Editors

Yoon Kim – Editor-in-Chief
Yoon has been a member of the North American Snow Journalists Association (NASJA) as well as American Society of Journalists and Authors  (ASJA) since 2008.  He’s interviewed Shaun White, Alex Honnold, Torstein Horgmo, Hannah Teter, and Gretchen Bleiler.  He’s also interviewed people with real jobs including Tim Westergren (founder of Pandora.com), Kevin Smith, and OK Go.  One day, he hopes to join the ranks of the former, and be interviewed for excelling in a non-job activity. See his work at YoonJesseKim.com.

James Kennedy – Executive Editor
James has been involved with the outdoors since he started the Scouting program as a 1st grader. He’s been hiking trails, climbing mountains, and paddling down rivers since. He’s studied the art of communication and journalism while at university, and he still manages to go on adventures from time to time. He’s originally from the East Coast, Northern Virginia area, but he’s now located in the North West Arkansas area.


Kraig Becker – Adventure News Editor
Kraig Becker is an Austin, Texas based freelance writer who covers adventure travel and outdoor sports for several publications including Gadling, The Huffington Post, and others. He writes about everything from mountain biking, adventure racing and ultra-running to major expeditions to the far flung corners of the planet. Looking for the latest news from the Himalaya, the North and South Poles or other remote destinations? Kraig has it covered. Check out his more of his work at The Adventure Blog.

Bryan Schatz – Editor at Large
Bryan splits his editorial attention between the two most badass beats in this world: adventure sports and professional pugilism. As an amateur MMA fighter himself, he trains for the day that he confronts a bear while in the wild. Bryan writes for publications like Seattle WeeklyWendAdventure Sports JournalFighting Fit (UK) and others. Find him at BryanSchatz.com.


Patrick Hutchison – Editor at Large
Patrick is originally from Seattle but you’ll find him traveling, hiking, writing and eating in Patagonia.  As a youngster, Patrick fell in love with the wooded outdoors, where he would intentionally get himself lost. Now, he tries not to get lost, but investigates gear that would save him just in case he did.  Patrick writes for Seattle Magazine, Sea Kayaker, and Highline Magazine as well as others. You can follow his adventures in Patagonia and elsewhere at chasingthecloudwall.wordpress.com.

Brad Nehring – Editor at Large
Brad worked for the US Forest Service for a number of years prior to becoming a professional writer and editor. He’s seen a lot of weird shit – both the human and animal kind. Brad will give you shit if you go glamping but not as much as if he caught you littering. Marmots are his favorite animal and he begrudgingly accepts that this may be construed as the ‘hipster choice’.


Nikki Hodgson – Editor at Large
Nikki is a freelance writer with a talent for creating spectacles and getting into ridiculous situations. When not writing, she enjoys falling down mountain slopes, kayaking rivers upside down, and repairing things with duct tape. Dividing her time between Europe and the Middle East she despises temperatures above 100 F, and has mastered the following French phrases: Can you call mountain rescue? I don’t think it’s broken. And I would love another bottle of wine, thanks. Follow her (mis)adventures at Nikki Travels.

Chris Pence – Editor at Large
Chris is a freelancer by trade who braves the wicked outdoors any time he retrieves the mail and lives to tell about it. Based out of Chicago, Chris enjoyed growing up in and exploring the Pennsylvania countryside before hacking his way through the urban jungle of the Windy City. He takes an inordinate amount of pleasure in hiking, camping, swimming, running dunes until his legs seize up, and looking down steep cliffs through pay binoculars (seriously, he has some height issues).

Melina Coogan – Editor at Large
Melina Coogan is a champion storyteller. For the last thirteen years she has been traveling the globe, climbing and whitewater kayaking in over a dozen countries, purely for the sake of having things to talk about. She excels at puns, vocabulary, and campfire story domination.  She studied writing at the University of Washington with scholarships for both fiction and poetry. Currently a Seattle resident, she writes for magazines and her blog, The Wilder Coast .