Warren Miller’s Ticket to Ride: Why These Films Will Make You Wanna Ski Everything

This year will be my first ski season…ever. I live in Boulder, Colorado so when I tell people this their jaws hit the ground. They simply cannot believe that this Midwest flatlander has never skied or boarded a day in her life. But, alas, that’s where I stand when it comes to my “shredding” experience.

But all of that is about to change. And, to initiate me into ski and boarding culture, my best friends are insisting that I watch one Warren Miller film a week.

Now, I had never heard of Warren Miller until about a month ago when they decided to invite me to a showing of one of these silly, exciting, tongue-in-cheek but ultimately badass films but, after viewing 2 movies from the early 1960’s and one from the ‘90s, I’m hooked. And here’s why…

The Laughing, Crying, and Cringing
If you’re lucky enough to view some of the older Warren Miller films, you’ll have the pleasure of snickering at all of the horrendous 80’s ski gear, the ridiculous Starter jackets of the early 90s (even though those things were super warm), and the spandex of the 70s.

You’ll also cry and cringe as you watch skiers take massive falls and faceplant into the snow (Apparently, this is what I have to look forward to for the majority of my first season).

You Gotta Have Goals
If you’re like me, you probably set goals for yourself when it comes to your outdoor exploits. Perhaps you wanna ski a Double Black Diamond this year (Me? I’m shooting for a solid Blue). Maybe you wanna go back country all the way. Whatever your personal goals, watching WM films will help you set some new goals you never even realized you had, like donning a Viking helmet and full-on Viking garb as you shred down the mountain. Hey, people do that kind of stuff.

Warren Miller Inspires You to be a Total BA
Just watch the trailer for this year’s 64thWarren Miller: Ticket 2 Ride film and tell me you don’t wanna ski a 14ner or drop out of a helicopter, James Bond style, and race down the mountain on some expensive gear.

If I were going by the trailer alone, I would say that my first ski season will involve plumes of fire, choppers, and climbing up cliffs of sheer vertical rock and ice just to plunge down a mountain.