Two Men, One Tuk Tuk: A World-Wide Journey to Support Education

It took two men, three wheels and 26,172 miles, but on Dec. 15, 2013 teachers Nick Gough and Richard Sears broke an impressive Guinness World Record trekking around the globe in nothing more than a cute little tuk tuk.

But why embark on this incredible mission in the first place? It goes a lot deeper than just a world record. Both teachers set out to promote awareness of world education problems and to raise money for grassroots education projects they visited throughout the trip, The Tuk Tuk Educational Trust.

The incredible journey began in London an Aug. 13, 2012 and progressed through 39 countries total. The tuk tuk, a common transportation vehicle used in many countries, traveled through southern Europe to Turkey and into Egypt and through Africa before it was shipped to South Asia where the adventure continued. Once complete, it was on to Latin America where the trip finally concluded in Buenos Aires. All in all, it was a 16 month odyssey.

 And it wasn’t all fun and games. The rickshaw, lovingly dubbed Tommy, survived being struck by a vehicle in Malaysia, was bullied by elephants in Botswana and had plenty of mechanical problems that needed repairing throughout. In South America, with the finish line looming like a shining beacon, things got even more challenging when Tommy broke down in Peru. No matter, the determined travelers attached a harness to the bumper and dragged their 3-wheeled companion the final 43 miles to the record line.