Top Scuba Diving Sites in North America

There are no shortage of places to go scuba diving in Canada, the US, Mexico, and The Caribbean. From the tropical islands to the frigid north, the diversity of terrain and sea life is as varied as it gets on this planet. From coral reefs to sunken ships, the dive sites in North America will keep you busy for a very long time.

Here are a few of our favorite. Each site has it’s own unique offering, and each person will find different merits in various sites based on what they want to get out of the situation. Due to the variety of the sites, it’s impossible to rank the sites in a way that everyone will agree. Instead, we will simply give you a rundown of our favorites, and you can make your own rankings based on your style.

What makes Bonaire so special is the fact that you can access its stunning coral reef array directly from shore. Add the fact that it’s reputation as one of the world’s top diving sites, and you have a thriving industry of dive shops and dive schools to service the needs of all levels of divers.

The volcanic formations that make up the stunning postcard-perfect landscapes in the Hawaiian Islands are also found underwater. The surrounding reefs are full of all types of marine life, and the lava tubes that form underneath are like venturing onto another planet. Try tunnels beach on Kauai for a great example of such lava tubes.

Florida Keys
The sheer expanse of this 112-mile highway means you have access to a multitude of dive sites without needing a large boat to get around. The relatively shallow waters of the keys gives you easy access to the colorful reefs. It’s a small sampling of the Caribbean while still having access to the USA.

Sunshine Coast, British Columbia
Jacques Cousteau coined this area his favorite place to dive. Once you get over the frigid water temperatures, you will find some of the most stunning sea life anywhere. Many people overlook the fact that colder water climates are home to a much different world than the warm reef atmosphere. The highlight of the region is the giant octopus, some of the world’s largest–as well as some fascinating old shipwrecks from the area’s nautical past.

The underwater caves here are vast, and just exploring the amazing terrain (with some of the clearest water anywhere) will give you plenty to enjoy. But mix in the fact that Cozumel is home to some of the most diverse tropical sea life, and you will be in dive heaven.