Top 8 Places for Horseback Riding in the U.S.

Giddy-up ya’ll! Craving nature from a different perspective, like say from atop the quivering loins of a wild mustang, charging bare back across golden prairies in the heart of America? Ok, maybe not wild, or a mustang…but why not experience the beautiful wilderness in a more tame manner on horseback? Look no further – here are 8 amazing places to gallop off into the sunset.

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
Located in the heart of the Navajo Nation, take a trip back in time to the old west, as you navigate your faithful steed through sandy, red canyons, olive tree forests and across subtle streams led by a Navajo guide.

Seward, Alaska
Get up close and personal with the unspoiled Alaskan coastline and experience the breathtaking view of snowcapped mountains, as salty waves gently lap at the hooves of your four-legged companion. Expect wildlife sightings you won’t find anywhere else!

Big Island, Hawaii
You can’t skip out on Hawaii when it comes to the horseback experience of a lifetime. Trot on down the Waipi’o Valley- an adventure in itself since it is a tad bit of a challenge to trek down there, but it is completely worth it. Prepare to be engulfed in tropical jungles, gushing waterfalls and green taro fields that’ll make you want to never leave the saddle.

Bryce Canyon, Utah
Can’t get enough of those incredible Canyons out west? No canyon ride is complete without cowboying it up in stunning Bryce Canyon. The geology is unparalleled- embellish yourself in the pinks, oranges and reds of the jagged rocks and enjoy the unique “hoodoos”- curiously shaped rock formations that are incredible to look at. Some of the oldest bristle cone pine trees on earth reside here as well.

Banff National Park, Canada
Okay, so I lied in the title about all U.S. destinations – but lets give up for our Northern neighbor, which has some pretty breathtaking sites to behold via horseback. Banff National Park will take you away from it all. No vehicles are allowed in this park, so its a good thing you’ve got your pony. Enjoy the Rocky Mountains and take to the trails, which careen through deep woodlands where you can find raging rivers and jade colored glacier-fed lakes.

Shoshone National Forest/Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Grab your chaps, because the endless beauty of sparsely populated Wyoming is calling your name. In this large state, the trail opportunities are abundant with plenty of pristine wilderness to explore and melt away the stress of life.

San Francisco, California
Looking for a peaceful, woodsy experience like no other? Imagine moseying on through the woods surrounded by lush, thick ferns and towering, majestic redwoods while the cooling, salty mists of the nearby pacific kiss your skin. Need I say more?

Sugarbush Tolt Trek, Vermont
Not only will you get to enjoy the gorgeous Green Mountains and soft, grassy meadows but you can do so upon the back of a hardy Icelandic horse. They are small, yet powerful and suited for the grassy, mountainous terrain of the region.