The Year’s Coolest Hunting Accessories

Hunting season is already in full swing, but it’s not too late to pick up some nifty gear to enhance your experience – and maybe even increase your haul this year. Here are some of our favorite new hunting accessories that you should have purchased yesterday.

Millennium M50 Hang-on Treestand
Why it’s great: When it comes to treestands, less is more. This Millennium model weighs less than 20 pounds, and it’s outfitted with comfortable shoulder straps conducive to long-distance hikes. The seat is contoured to provide optimal posterior comfort, and can be folded to allow for standing shots. The height can be adjusted to 21 inches.
How much: $149.99
What the experts say: “Attention to detail, rugged construction, and innovative features make the M50 stand out in a forest of hang-ons.” [Field & Stream]

X-Press Pro Model
Why it’s great: This bow press is compatible with most models on the market, including crossbows, thanks to an innovative universal design by Quick Spin. Unlike other, touchier presses, the X-Press is outfitted with a safety lock to keep the bow in place, as well as spring-loaded arms and crank wheels that allow for simple adjustments.
How much: $599.99
What the experts say: “The new X-Press utilizes an amazing array of wheels, drives, and cradles to fit anything out there that launches an arrow.” [Outdoor Life]

Cuddeback Ambush IR Camera
Why it’s great: This tiny device mitigates two common problems with standard game cameras: image quality and reflexivity. First, it utilizes 27 infrared LED flashes to produce pristine images of any wandering critter within a distance of 25 feet. The camera is also outfitted with a trigger speed to capture passersby within a quarter of a second.
How much: $199.95
What the experts say: “If you are a trail camera fanatic, you will want to see it up close.” [Deer & Deer Hunting]

Aimpoint Hunter Scope
Why it’s great: This MOA dot scope is perfect for low light conditions, and perfectly operable in extreme heat, sub-zero temperatures and torrential downpours. Plus, the Aimpoint is a parallax-free design that won’t cause damage – or even minor irritation – to your eyes. One battery lasts for 50,000 hours before it needs to be replaced.
How much: $776
What the experts say: “For your deer rifle, hog rifle, or a gobbler getter, few sights are as durable, dependable, and as quick on target.” [Petersen’s Hunting] 

Tangle-free Decoys
Why it’s great: These faux mallards are arguably the most realistic decoys on the market – the size, shape and paint-job are all astonishingly life-like. These drakes are also tough, thanks to a high-density foam composition outfitted with a weighted keel to ensure they stay afloat.
How much: $103.99
What the experts say: “The more realistic your decoys look the better chance you have at fooling Mallards into dropping into your spread.” [Fowled Reality]