The PVC Pipe Channel-Cat Killer

By Ron Marr

I’ve spent most of my life seeking progressively lazier ways to hook channel catfish. The politically correct explanation is that slothful angling requires great patience, which in turns fosters humility, serenity and a oneness with nature. The truth is that spinning rig and baitcaster operation requires two hands and interferes with alcohol consumption.

Jug fishing requires little effort and generally results in a tasty catch. Best of all, if your jug is otherwise occupied (being tipped toward mouth) you can make a similar, highly effective rig out of PVC pipe.

Materials Needed

• One, 1-foot section of plastic PVC pipe (1-inch diameter)
• Two, PVC end-caps
• Two, small eye-bolts (with washers and nuts)
• One, 1-foot-long piece of a pool “noodle”
• Silicone Seal
• PVC glue
• Fishing line, hook and weight
• Bank line

1: Cut a 1-foot section of 1-inch PVC pipe. Cut four or five while you’re at it; more rigs equal more catfish.

2: Drill a small hole through the center of both end-caps. Insert the eyebolts, and spread Silicone Seal around the holes. Slide on the washers, tighten the nuts and let dry.

3: Coat the inside of the end-caps with PVC glue, and bang them onto the pipe. Spread glue around the exterior edges of the caps for good measure. Let them dry.


4: Cut a 1-foot-long piece of pool noodle, and slice it lengthwise. Coat the interior with PVC glue, wrap it around the pipe, and let it dry.

5: Tie your bank line to one of the eyebolts. Length is subjective, but 20 feet is usually good.

6: Tie your fishing line, weight and baited hook to the other eyebolt.

If fishing from the bank, throw this sucker like you were a WW I German soldier pitching a Model 24 Stielhandgranate  (aka: hand grenade on a stick) toward his adversaries. Wrapping the fishing line around the pipe before letting fly (let the hook/weight dangle an inch or so) should prevent snags and bird’s nests.

Tie off the bank line, sit down, and have a drink. The pipe floats on its side until a channel cat takes the bait. At that point it will stand on end. Pull in your catch with the bank line.