The Modern Day 10 Essentials for The End of the World

The so-called end of the world is here and it’s time to prepare. Here are ten items we have in our bugout bags. For everyone else – well, good luck to ya.

Map from Mountain Project App
Paper maps are bulky and are useless when wet.  Google Maps isn’t any good if magnetic fields from asteroids have rendered cell signals useless. That’s why we recommend the Mountain Project app.  This app for both the iPhone and Android lets you download quality maps for use offline.

Compass from Wenger
For a modern day compass, we’ve got the Wenger Patagonian Compass Watch. It’s complete with an LED display for dark powerless nights as well as a watch so you can still tell time during doomsday.

Sunglasses (Goggles) from Zeal
According to the original ten essentials, sunglasses are highly important for your eyes. But since you’ll likely be slaying zombies, you’ll need something that won’t fall off your face in the heat of the moment. These Zeal Optics Slate have photochromatic lenses, meaning they’ll adjust according to the light.

Food from Kayadyn North America Foods
Since food is going to be hard to come by after doomsday, you’ll need some emergency dehydrated meals.  Richmoor Foods (now part of Katadyn North America Foods) has a delectable variety of freeze dried foods so at least you’ll enjoy your meals while you have them.

Clean Water from Sawyer
Water can be found anywhere – clean water in a post apocalyptic world, on the other hand, is more valuable than fine jewels. The Sawyer All-in-One water filter is highly portable, filters virus, and will keep your fluids from dying up.

Performance Clothing from Ex-Officio and Mountain Khakis
You’ll need a base layer, a shell, some odor resisting undies, and some super rugged pants, For your  base layer, stick with wool. It breathes well, doesn’t soak, and resists smell better than any other fabric. For your shell, bring along something waterproof and breathable. For your briefs, the Give and Go from Ex-Officio will help you from smelling yourself and for your tough pants, get yourself a pair of Mountain Khakis alpine utility pants. Those will last you at least 9 years.

Headlamp from Princeton Tec
The light from your watch isn’t going to help you crawl your way through your neighbors basement while hunting for rations and supplies. The Princeton Tec Apex Pro will keep your hands free in case you need use them.

Hospital Grade Medical Kit from Adventure Medical Kits
In a post apocalypse world, a small scrape could turn into a nightmare.  Adventure Medical Kits makes a 14 person medical kit which you can use all on yourself. This handy bag can double as a pillow to give you comfort after having to suture your limbs together.

Fire Starter from Wenger
Equally important to the items listed here is a fire starter. The Wenger Hydor is a windproof lighter that’ll produce a 2,000 degree F blue flame that will work at altitude. Although it has limited fuel, it’ll last long enough to start an ongoing fire.

Swiss Army Knife
You can’t keep a classic off this list. Every apocalypse packing list needs to include a SAK. In our case, we’re going to have to go with the Rangergrip 90. With 9 implements, you’ll be able to gut a  fish, saw through wood or just remove those pesky hangnails.